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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 (realm) defend dearg




A gigantic crab having slumbered within the depths of the Infinite Azure awaken to all the noise above on the surface world. This ancient creature roughly about half the size of Keterburg inexplicably gains an insurmountable amount of power from a bizarre phenomenon; the blood moon is stirring all the nearby beasts and monsters into a frenzy, putting the entire realm at risk.


Defend Dearg.

PLAYED BY Nova alura
Til Two Hearts Beat Together
Won't you please just call out my name
There was no denying it, the realm boss had appeared. The Giant crab's sudden appearance spread like wildfire and players rushed to the site with no time to spare. The earth was stained by the glow of the ominous blood moon, which had effected not only the realm boss, but spawned monsters and beasts the same.

An announcement had gone out that a regiment of players would assault the boss, while others would do their best to protect the town of Dearg from the wave of monsters that congregated.

In her heart, she desired to plunge her sword between the shell of the giant crab, but in her mind she knew that she was far from being strong enough to stand up to the beast and without the remainder of her guild nearby, it was futile without support. So she would make her stand here, past the gates of the city.

With a forward step, the glint of her blade left a trail behind as it rotated clockwise, leaving a spacious gap in the black flesh of a beast. It was enough to fell the creature, but they were larger and tougher in comparison to before, and if she kept at it, Alura would have to sit half the night out to recuperate from her sustained wounds.

At the time, she had little to complain about however, as she made proper use of her skills. But the evening (day? she honestly couldn't tell) was just beginning.

Notes: Want to buy tank and healer queue?

PLAYED BY nit aubade
Aubade's halfway to tipsy when she hears the first panicked scream.

She pauses her slew of unasked for renovation suggestions—one of which had been to add insulation to the walls to provide soundproofing of all things—to glance outside. "Oh, right."

"Um. Miss—"

Not waiting to let the poor bartender finish, Aubade hops off her stool and stumbles out of the pub, her feet notably unsteady. It takes all of her concentration to find a party of players to trail after, the chaos of the streets making it difficult for her to pinpoint where exactly she should go to protect Dearg or whatever.

Her stalking pays off, because they eventually lead her to the gates, where she could see others fending off hordes and hordes of different creatures—in the distance, she could even see a couple of forest golems clambering their way toward the town.

Just as she's considering running in the opposite direction, Aubade lurches to the side, barely avoiding the projectile of someone's crumpled form flying through the air and into a wagon. Ouch.

"That's one way to kill a gal's buzz," she murmurs, unsheathing her daggers with a cold, metallic ring. Activating ETOILE, she leaps into action, weaving her body in and out of the way of danger to a rhythm only she could hear. At the end of her dance, Aubade lands at the side of a sword-wielding woman, a few minor scratches speckling different areas of her skin.

"I swear," she wheezes, a bit winded, "if all the higher-leveled players went off to fight that damn Godzilla-Crab..."

aubade's health: ~92%
ETOILE - lowers the defense of enemy mobs for 1 turn; 1/10
PLAYED BY toon cogni

When Cogni was first thrust into this "game" he had expected many things. This was not one of them. The bloodmoon shined brightly in the sky and an ominous red hue blanketed the entire city. With the hordes of monsters and the creepy atmosphere he had half a mind to ask if he had spawned at the wrong location. What was this SMT?

His musings were suddenly interrupted when a demonic boar appeared from the alleyway in front of him. It's large body was riddled with arrowheads and spears, but it seemed like those made it more angry than anything else. It turned towards Cogni and lowered itself to the ground, scrapping it's ridiculously long tusks against the pavement. Cogni prepared himself by lowering himself to the ground as well, with his naginata in a defensive position.

"Have at thee!"

The boar charged towards the lancer with reckless abandon similar to his own. Cogni slashed and the blade bounced off it's hide with minimal damage. The boar was now carrying him away using it's tusks while he continued stabbing away. Cogni refused to use his abilities so soon into joining the fight. His pride would never allow it. For his stubbornness, he and the boar both crashed through the wall of the nearby bar, with the boar flipping over and placing him underneath it's body. The bartender lets out a yelp at the sight as the boar finally stops moving. Not much is said as Cogni slowly frees himself from underneath the monster. He turns to the poor guy and simply waves.

"As you were."

Looking at his health, he had taken a tiny bit of damage from the attack. It seems that while it was certainly menacing in appearance, it was little more than a tutorial. He carefully made his way over to the other players who had gathered outside and stood imposingly behind them.

"Need some help?"
@aubade @alura
PLAYED BY stallas asura
The tattered scraps of a scarlet kite hung mournful over the street, its line caught in the wires overhead. Rolls of dust and dirt blew through the lonely thoroughfare, where mere moments before had been a stampede of vulnerable NPCs.

But the silence would not last for long.

The howl of a greater chimpanzee pierced the quiet, it's frenzied horns and nails growing longer with every moment the red energy flit across its form hanging from the roof of an inn. On the other side of the street the bronze man stood, breathing heavily with a classic rage in his eyes.

"WOOOOOAAAAAAUHHHH!" he roared back in the stand off, a halo of light spinning ominously behind him. Children screamed in the distance.

A few seconds later and both creatures would charge each other, crashing through the inn doors and strewing benches and tables aside. Chimps were mean fuckers. It was not the lion to be feared, but the ape. Lions went for the throat but chimps would bite off your manhood. And despite evidence to the contrary, Asura had interest in keeping that virtual part of him alive.

After a few moments of scratching and punching one large, tan foot would slam against the chest of the chimp, throwing it through yet another now totaled wooden wall.

Drunken steps later the sky berserker would step through the hole and into the light, the golden flicker of his shield staving off some gnarly cuts and splinters just in time to hear a, "need some help?"

He was just about to shake his head mutely before doing a double take. Wait, he had seen one of those blondes before!

@alura @aubade @cogni
PLAYED BY meio hachiman
"It's a good moon tonight,"

The last thing Hachiman wanted to do was get involved. If there was an event going on in a particular city, then he'd avoid that city until the end of the festivities. If the shortest route to his destination was under siege by some infamous NPC bandits, then he'd take the long way around. If the realm boss showed up in the Red City of Kites, then he'd want to be in the Blue City of anything else. No matter what, he didn't intend to get caught up in the game's pace.

He hadn't intended to save that NPC either.

Her sense of self awareness was nothing more than enumerations and algorithms, but she had given him a potion of lesser healing as a welcome to the game when he first logged in, and he saved her out of a sense of both obligation and gratitude. Once his sword found its way out of its scabbard though, the blade began to tremble in Hachiman's hand, clearly not satisfied with having taken the life of just a frenzied aurochs. Its thirst for blood had been heightened; it seemed as though the red moon did not just affect simple mob monsters.

The NPC that he had just saved might have uttered some words of thanks before running away for cover, but if she did, Hachiman did not hear them. They were not needed anyways. If he allowed her to be ripped apart before his eyes, he had no idea whether or not she would respawn in this city after all the fighting was done and if, by chance she did, he would not have been able to look her in the eye without dying of shame.

Amidst the chaos and the wailing, there looked to be a group of capable souls who were geared up and preparing to defend the city. On any other day, Hachiman would have turned away from them but given the fact that his sword had already been unsheathed and anything less than an offering of a demon legion would be unable to sate its thirst, he headed over to join them. He didn't know whether they were all friends or simply a makeshift party of noble spirits, but he made his presence known to him by shouting out.

"Oi! I'll help too!" he held ten thousand cold nights in one hand, and waved with the other.

@alura @aubade @cogni @asura

PLAYED BY Nova alura
Til Two Hearts Beat Together
Won't you please just call out my name
One moment she was standing there alone, the next she was surrounded by bodies that all shared the same convictions. More were sure to come, but at the moment, it was only them that stood between the frenzied at the sane.

Grateful to those that showed, her lips spread wide as she answered the pale haired woman. "Aye, im sure they have. But I am content on letting them handle that mess. I am sure the struggle is far less fun than smashing a few mobs into the ground."

That was the truth. The part of her that felt she was missing out was extinguished as she gaze on the shuffling dark beasts that slowly crept towards the town line. With all of them here, the fact remained, that she could linger on the field for just a little while longer.

"Perhaps we should all party up then?" she said eyeing the saber class that appeared with a cheeky grin, "It would make the most of my abilities."

Maneuvering through the UI she sent out the invite to every close person, though it was something completely optional. Time for words was little however, as the outline of several different monsters appeared in her field of vision.

Notes: @aubade , @cogni , @asura , @hachiman

PLAYED BY Clover filia
Black wings soared through the sky above her, taunting her. Two—no, make that three—shots fired from her staff, and the pesky raven still flew just out of range with expert precision.

Filia was no Archer, that much was for certain.

She was, however, a mage. And her quarry, some monstrously-sized avian, was the fiend responsible for not only breaking a tavern window, but also for both attacking her in the midst of a meal and the theft of one grilled salmon. The first fresh catch she'd had since entering the game, one might add.

Thus, she was perfectly justified for evening the playing field when she pulled a skull out of her inventory—which, seconds later—flew through the air with a petrifying screech just before promptly exploding on her target in what was not a horrendous display of overkill.

It would only be after that she would notice the blood moon in the sky, as well as the growing chaos in the city around her. Instantly, she realized she was late to yet another event, and on top of that had probably missed out on the chance to join the assault team, where her skillset may have provided a bit more use.

Which meant she was on defense. Again.

But, hey, there was probably going to be some feast of some sort later, right? So perhaps she'd get some dinner out of all this anyway. At least she hoped so, fighting down the street past panicked civilians and through a couple small-fry chasing after them as she made her way to the town gates, where the majority of the cities defenders had gathered.

Upon approaching the group, the girl made a playful salute, placing one hand on her hip as she raised up the other with a cheery smile, "Filia, Caster DPS reporting for duty and ready to kick some monster butt! Don't suppose anyone could throw me an invite?"

Health Remaining: 88%
Necrotic Bomb wasted used. 4/5 Uses Remaining.

@alura @aubade @cogni @asura @hachiman

PLAYED BY aki arsene
Meanwhile, Arsene is an Archer currently cursing at the fact that he isn't capable of conjuring some kind of fiery death ball, and that he doesn't have a form of crowd-control in his arsenal. Between being in the wrong place at the wrong time and a single target DPS, he, putting it most aptly, was not having fun dealing with the waves and waves of monsters solo. Every time he was just about to defeat one, another seemed to appear; it didn't take him very long to drop trying to tackle them alone in lieu of going on the run.

It was going to be a long night— too long of a night to kite them forever and waste skill usages on blinding every single creature he needed to down. Dodging surmounting combined attacks got sketchy, and while he'd like nothing more than to untangle himself from the mess entirely, the siege didn't seem like something he could afford to ignore when safe houses were probably few and far or more likely, non-existent.

So, he made a concentrated effort of scouting for stragglers to team up with, just barely catching the group of PCs congregating in the corner of his eye. Even better.

"Seems like a good idea if we want to keep up, yeah—! Count me in!"

Landing just a small distance away from the top of a roof in the form of a flip, he fired a finishing blow on a pursuing bat. It was small and not nearly as dangerous as many of the other monsters closing in on the city, but it was fast seeing as he couldn't shake it off. Best to get knock it out while he was at it, and before it could potentially interfere with any dialogue.

@alura @aubade @cogni @asura @hachiman @filia
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

Echo thanked the carriage rider who had taken her to Dearg. She remembered Captain Zyke mentioning the city after taking her through the Infinite Azure. Why was it that all of Aithir sounded so picture-perfect? Her readers back home would have loved to have had the opportunity to see the sights here. Asides from the whole being trapped thing, of course. She wasn't entirely sure if they would like that part.

It seemed that Zyke might have just been pulling her leg though. Or perhaps he was just trying to get more business out of her. As she scanned the streets, there was certainly nothing about this city that was breath-taking. Tattered red kites hung across the sky. The streets themselves were empty. Maybe it was too late in the day. She thought. Opening the UI to see what time it was. It wasn't that late though. Keterburg seemed to always be alive she remembered. Where were all of the merchants? She was expecting the city to be a bazar, with people crowding around artisan goods, not barren and void of all signs of life.

Echo didn't notice the small teddy bear until she nearly died tripping over it. Using her tail, and ears she managed to balance herself. She reached down to pick up the bear. Now. Now she could hear it. The screams. The crying. She could feel the moisture on the teddy's face. Whose bear was it? Where was the child? Were they alone? Were they afraid? Echo couldn't get the thought out of her mind. Carefully stashing the bear into her leather sack. She ran. She wasn't sure where the screams were coming from, or what was happening. Did a player finally have a mental break? She had a few suspects already. Or maybe there was an event. But who would make an event that would upset so many people... NPC's or not.

Echo tried to ignore the screams, and focus solely on the crying. That was harder than she had hoped. Her ears may have heightened hearing, but that's a waste when there's sounds coming from all directions. It was too much. She dropped to her knees, pulling out the bear. She held it close to her chest and closed her eyes. Calming her breathing. "I just wanted to be a tourist." She groaned. "Why is that too much to ask!?"

Echo's ears perked up. The familiar clanging of weapons. The gentle whistle of an arrow being fired from a bow. She wasn't alone. Bear still in hand she ran towards the sound.

Bathing in the blood moon's light a group of adventurers had gathered. "Is this someone's Teddy Bear?" She hesitantly asked. It was a stupid question, no player would care about a plush animal. But she did, and somewhere out there she knew there was a child alone and afraid.
@alura @aubade @cogni @asura @hachiman @filia @arsene
PLAYED BY Rise osiris
Osiris struck out once, then twice more, her spear arm thrusting forward and reverberating with familiar hollowness as she attacked the seemingly never ending horde. She seemed to have run into a familiar problem here, the single target Dex DPS missing out on a sorely needed tank as she flit through the choatic street like a humming bird.

One possessing a brilliantly shining golden spear that lashed out with Ishtar's fury, the burnished metal seemingly glittering and becoming more splendorous with each drop of blood spilled.

She was in her element, and the smile which creased her face as she turned on the spot, hands moving on near instinct and her weapon fluidly passing between the air as she hit her stride. It was almost overwhelming, the smell and the noises and the sensations of actually inhabiting a battlefield, but she had fallen into an already all too familiar trance as she moved from beast to beast.

With no small amount of bloody scrapes and small cuts between them all, the woman coming out somewhat worst for wear as she turned one of the infinite corners of the place, spear still leveled before her as she sweep before the jumbled group of PCs. One eyebrow will quirk, the other matted with blood as she tilted her head and gave the assembled group an almost bored look.

"What are we waiting for?" She'll ask, head tilting before she twirled the resplendent spear and let it rest upon her shoulder with a cocky expression. "You know these events are timed..."

Tsk tsk tsk!

Hymn to Ishtar is activated: 4 uses remain after deactivation.
@everyone present yo
PLAYED BY Nova alura
Til Two Hearts Beat Together
Won't you please just call out my name
A total of 7 invites was sent out to those that closed in on the area, though there were now more than a full party could hold so the possibility of having to form a alliance was a possibility.

Was this event really time based? In her mind it would continue until the goal was accomplished, but perhaps they meant that it would only be a small amount of time before the main boss was killed. In that case....

Using Mirage step, Alura closed the distance to the nearest beast. Its dark frame highlighted by the light reflecting off her blade. She couldn't tell what it was in shape of size, but it died rather fast by the use of Mikazuki.

A debuff was applied to the mobs, something that sapped their strength and made them far more frail in comparison to normal. It was appreciated. With the addition to her party, came the bigger bonus however.

"Whoever wants to tank these mobs is gonna have ta try harder than normal. I tend to grab hate real fast." she commented, particles of blood leaving her blade.

Notes: @aubade , @cogni , @asura , @hachiman , @filia , @arsene

1 stack of Competitive

PLAYED BY stallas asura
The initial group quickly grew in only a way that a bunch of PCs honing in to something interesting in a game world would. As the invites were sent out, it was apparent that they were going to have to set to raid or alliance to accommodate.

Wordlessly, Asura began moving a finger as he organized the groups from appearance and role on his interface, which would be displayed as followed unless anyone refused the invite.

@cogni (TANK)
@alura (DPS)
@hachiman (DPS)
@aubade (SUPPORT)

@asura (TANK)
@filia (DPS)
@arsene (DPS)
@echo (SUPPORT)

@osiris (DPS)

It was by no means an indication that certain people needed to stick together, but just a way to know how many of each role there was and also to monitor health values more easily for the tanks and healers.

Briefly, Asura would motion towards the woman with cat ears asking about the plushie, twitching his fingers to give him the teddy bear. It... probably wasn't his, but maybe he knew someone who had it?

Regardless of if he pocketed the plushie or not, he would nod in agreement with the blonde lancer and saber, turning on his bare feet to jog heavily towards the coming horde. On the last step a shockwave rippled through the area, punctuated by the generic sound clip of monsters taking damage. A few moments later all the flying and crawling lovelies in the immediate area would appear from the woodwork of nearby buildings, hissing and growling as they moved towards him in a wonderful crowd just waiting to be aoe'd.

Speaking in a tongue comprised mostly of guttural screeches and hisses (as it would sound to the human ear), a large, fish-like humanoid with a reptilian head would march through the streets of Dearg, followed by similar-looking brethren in tow. There was about thirteen of them, all in total, wielding crudely-fashioned weapons such as spears and other weapons crafted from resources from the sea.

They certainly weren't going to help the fleeing citizens who were evacuating the city for their lives, at the sight of a gigantic crab in the horizon.

"Pssshhh-kaw khoft!!" The leader hissed in its serpentine language. "Burn it all down!"

Immediately, several of its wave-touched brethren began to mutter an incantation, setting nearby crates and barrels on fire. Several bright red flags, now torn up and falling to the ground, fluttered into flames and the fire began to spread in the market areas.
PLAYED BY nit aubade
Aubade accepts the invite right as a band of lizard-people (looking like they'd crawled out of the hell that is the NYC sewer system) begin setting ablaze everything within sight, fueled by neither rhyme nor reason. Only a keen desire to see, and cause, destruction.

Making the mistake of sharply inhaling some of the rising smoke, a fit of short, dry coughs escape her throat.

"Guess we can't stop, drop, and roll our way out of this one," she rasps upon catching a breath..

Once her bearings are regained, the weight in her heels shift in preparation for another careless dive into a cluster of creatures. However, the sound of billowing fabric, dropping from above, propels her in different direction altogether.

"Heads up!"

Narrowly dodging out of the way of one of the flaming kites, landing where she'd stood merely moments ago. As if the bloodthirsty beasts aren't enough, now they have their environment pitted against them? How... lucky.

Understanding that stillness is just death unrealized, she moves. Back arching out of the way of a few close calls, Aubade fixes her gaze on a solitary monster, not yet bated by the big lug she'd later recognize as Bigs. A twin-tailed quadruped, large and feisty with fangs protruding from its mouth—she decides, without conferring with anyone, that it is a perfect addition to their already ragtag group. For the moment, at least.

VIVACE sends her spiraling around it, each pop of her hip and twist of her arm more jarring than the last. The way she moves is barely a dance, and it sends the beast into a confused frenzy, mistaking their fellow beast for another enemy.


@asura @alura @cogni @hachiman @filia @arsene @echo @osiris
aubade's health: 90%
VIVACE - chance of turning an enemy against its comrades for 1 turn; 1/8
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