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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 (quest) dreameater, jaune, paperclip, bryna, squall, sable


The sun had set not too long ago, but already you feel the chill from the ocean. Undoubtedly, what prior warmth these sun-kissed lands had possessed before, is now absent. You stand before the entrance of a dark sea cavern; its depths yet to be fully explored. The local villager from Dearg who was your guide tells you that this is as far as he'll go; he's too spooked to go in with you.

A low groan from a drafty wind slowly blows out from the cavern. Nothing but the sound of silence, and the dripping of water.

Background music.

PARTICIPANTS: @jaune @paperclip @bryna @squall @sable
PLAYED BY Novas paperclip
Ah yes, this cave. She had some memories of this place, most of them not entirely savory. Not that her experience would do much help, however - she'd only gone as far as the cavern's entrance, and that was during the daytime.

The temperature was like night and day, pun unintended. Clip decided to wear something more than her usual clothes for tonight - something with sleeves, for instance - and yet the pink-haired archer could still feel herself shivering at little. At least the terrors they might face won't add to her chills - she's had her fill of ghost stories before, mostly in the telling side of things, and she could still sleep afterwards.

A small ball of light hovered close by, but her portable lantern did little to illuminate what lay beyond the cavern. No way to do it other than to dive in, I guess. With their luck, maybe there would be luminous corals inside.

She started inspecting the entrance, making sure she's not stepping on anything slippery. If there were people going in and out of this cave, there should be footsteps leading them to whatever was lulling those women in.

"By the way, I've brought some hot cocoa if anyone's feeling a bit cold." A decently sized thermos sat in her inventory. Hypothermia would be the worst way to die in this quest, and the chocolate would ought to cheer some people up. "I don't have mallows though, sorry."

@jaune, @bryna, @squall, @sable
PLAYED BY Caramel jaune
How Creepy. Jaune thought to himself as the waited outside the maw of giant creepy ass cave. And the story behind why they're investigating this here cave isn't helping the eeriness, at all. To say his nerves were shock wouldn't be a shock to anybody.

It was cold out here. The chilly breeze just cut though his clothes like wet paper towel, even adorned with his mystic code, he was chilled to the bone. Wearing such a low cut shirt wasn't too smart on his part... But that's the price of looking good. At least one they start fighting what's causing the woman's kidnapping well warm these old cold bones of his. He hoped anyways.

Thankfully, a small ball of light hovered close by the group making their line of sight problem less problematic-Thankfully Jaune also has his bow to help the lantern as well as the Bow glowed in the dark with the lantern. But it'd made him a target-which he has no quarrels with he wants to be hit by monsters.

Jaune closely watched the first girl-Paperclip was it- as she inspected the entryway. Jaune himself looked away from her and started to inspect the area around the entryway hoping to find anything that could help piece together why those women come here in a daze. Was it some kinda monster? Or was it a player of some kind? So mysterious!

Suddenly, Miss Paperclip spoke up asking if anybody wants Hot Cocoa. As if a possessed himself Jaune beelines to the Pink haired girl and he smiled at her with his ever charming smile, "Sharing a cup of Hot Cocoa with a pretty lady sounds good right about now." Jaune said with a smile. Jaune faked a winch when Paperclips said she had no marshmallows, "You wound me, Paperclip, no marshmallows? I guess I just have to enjoy the company of two pretty ladies, a handsome man, and sable- marshmallowless... I can deal with that!" Jaune said with a beaming smile.

@paperclip @sable @bryna @squall
PLAYED BY rain sable
Usually, the acerbic Lancer would be slinging barbs left and right at the idiocy of his teammates, but tonight the air around him was different; different in the fact that he had not uttered a single word the entire trip to the cove. Quite unusual, indeed. The silver-haired boy walked quietly along with the rest of his teammates; @jaune being one of the only other players he knew deeper than the superficial layer, but everyone else here was a stranger to him.

Stopping short before the cove's entrance, Sable took a moment and gazed long and hard into the cavern's depths. Nothing could be discerned from this distance, of course, with the inside being quite dark, but there was something ill and foreboding in the air that just... didn't sit right with him. A feeling he knew well, but couldn't quite put his finger on what exactly.

The sort that chilled him down to his bone, yet sorrowful enough to send a physical ache in his chest. Was this perhaps the effect of the cove's negativity that is siphoning off on them? He shook his head as if to clear away such groundless thoughts. No, that would be impossible.

At that moment, a figure in white slipped by the corner of his eye and Sable snapped back to sharp attention; his pupils widening in shock as his brain tried to register what he had just witnessed.

"Uh, did anybody just saw that? There's someone inside..." He stated aloud, filled with uncertainty; he was now wondering if the light was playing tricks on his eyes.

@paperclip @jaune @bryna @squall
PLAYED BY atmos squall
silent cove held a host of memories for squall, most of them pleasant. he did not want to elaborate on the unpleasant bits of his experience thus far in the cove. clip had briefly mentioned in the hall that she was leaving to join a quest in silent cove; the two of them had exchanged glances in the corridor, and squall eventually decided to come along with her.

one never knew if there would be no available support players to, well, support the damage dealers and the tanks.

as it turned out, squall was the only healer support in the group of five.

clad in his usual dark armour but neglecting to manifest the helmet, squall was well-protected from the chilly elements in the cove. he wished he could bring bebenito along to visit the cove, but common sense had stopped him from doing so.

he was roused from his thoughts by clip offering hot cocoa. without marshmallows, apparently. despite what jaune had said, squall pulled out his synthesis kit from his inventory, and started to fix them up with marshmallows using a bunch of fluffy cotton mushrooms luin had brought back earlier in the day.

squall was about to hand them out to the rest when the lancer of the party, sable, spoke up.

"marshmallows," said squall, before handing the snacks out to everyone in the party. it was better to have a shot of clip's hot cocoa to warm their souls before chasing after cold ones.

@sable @jaune @paperclip @bryna
@bryna has been skipped.

@paperclip you're up next!
PLAYED BY Novas paperclip
"Squall, my savior!" Clip clapped her hands in dramatic admiration as a bunch of marshmallows were included in her inventory. She whipped out her thermos and started to distribute the liquid in paper cups. The sweet warm aroma immediately filled her senses - she was right, this was the right thing to have in some gloomy dark place like this. Each drink was gave out to the party one by one - first to Jaune, then to Squall, and then to Bryna.

She was about to give the next cup to Sable when she saw the young-looking Lancer jolt. "'Fraid not." She grinned sheepishly. "I guess the hot chocolate was too much of a distraction." Peering into the darkness herself, Clip tried to look for anything suspicious in the vicinity...But there were none. Whoever or whatever startled Sable was already long gone.

"Do you remember where you saw it? It can be a clue...or a trap." Considering what they might be dealing with, it would be too unwise to just head in and assume they won't get ambushed. Unfortunately, it was an ambush they might have to walk into.

"Hey Casanova, you're the tank right?" She walked back towards where one of her fellow archers was at. Her hand tapped behind Jaune repeatedly, as if encouraging him. "Lead the way!"

Hope you enjoyed that hot chocolate - looks like you'll be needing that boost.

@jaune, @bryna, @squall, @sable
PLAYED BY atmos squall
if he could survive on only hot cocoa, he would. alas, they had fish to last them a month; he would only be able to attempt plan hot cocoa much later down the road.

squall gingerly sipped at the beverage. it warmed him from within, as if injecting him with a dose of artificial courage to face off against apparitions. even if it was just a mental trick to boost their spirits, it was one that worked.

setting aside the hot cocoa for now, squall then pulled out a spinning wheel from his equipment box, and started to work on something while clip organised the party into doing something. he had a plan ... but it was a squall sort of plan. it was probably one of those plans only the eternals could appreciate (or not, depending on whether one was named mars gradivus).

he was done by the time clip asked jaune to lead the charge. gone was the spinning wheel and in his hands were five long pieces of white cloth, silky and flowy, with a tendency to float at the edges.

they were disguises. if they were going to tail ghosts, they'd better blend in.

and then after taking one for himself, squall pushed the rest of the cloth to clip for her to hand them out, just like the earlier hot cocoa.

@paperclip @jaune @bryna @sable

PLAYED BY rain sable
"Uhm, I'm not sure, I thought it was somewhere by the entrance of the cave but it could be my eyes playing tricks on me." Sable mumbled back, and a hand awkwardly came up to scratch the back of his neck. He felt the hairs stand up on end; the sudden chills he got when he thought he had spotted something. Mayhaps it was the atmosphere of the night that was making him see things that weren't really there.

"We should get going honestly." He didn't want to sound like he was rushing anyone, but they've spent long enough time dawdling around with no one, in particular, wanting to take charge. Everyone's had their fill of hot cocoa or coffee or whatever the heck it was, so it was time to get a move on.

As if to prove his point and that he wasn't just all talk, Sable walked ahead of the group without another word. Which honestly, was a blessing for the time being — he was known to let loose a string of verbal abuse and insults most of the time, but he was already being particularly tame tonight. The Lancer support's boots crunched against the sandy ground, which comprised of damp rock and aquatic growth subsisting from the spray of ocean water nearby.

Upon entering the cave, the immediate thing Sable noticed was how much louder sound was amplified in an enclosed space as this. The sounds of his own breathing coupled with a few loud drips of water in the background filled his ears. It was dark, for sure, and squinting in the darkness, Sable would fumble around, feeling for the wall so he could have something to lean on in case he would lose his footing in this slippery, dark space.

His hands must've touched something strange, for the moment he placed weight on his palm, it sank into a sudden depression that was perhaps an inch deep, and a deep click sounded within the cavern walls. Immediately, torches scattered throughout the cavern that weren't known to him before, lit up in unison.


NOTES If @jaune and @bryna don't get in a post soon I'll replace them with new sacrifices recruits!

@paperclip @squall


Due to member inactivity, this quest has been marked a fail and is terminated from the system. No rewards are handed out.

@paperclip @squall @jaune @bryna @sable
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