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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, Nova's Plotter
PLAYED BY Nova alura



Before Fate Online, Alura was nothing more than your average top tier gamer. Never has she been recognized as world first, or known to have the best percentage, or the like. But that was to all change after she received her invitation to be a beta tester for Fate Online. Secretly she views the inability to leave the game --as a blessing in disguise.
However as if her opportunity has gone to waste, she has yet to really plant her feet down, watching as others speed off in front of her. At the moment she does nothing more than rummage around the safe zones and attempt to practice her use of her skills and the like.


- This girl needs a senpai or a rival; either one to really get her ass on the pain train.
- Adventure and Exploring!
- A smol for her to be a senpai to
- Some high quality friends that can further influence her actions in the future.
- Boys are not gross.
- Guilds are cool right!? She has been inducted into the Vanguard. An aspiring hardcore raiding guild. So some guild conflict may be cool? and by conflict I mean like arguing like a bunch of old ladies over a pudding cup
- Maybe someone that somehow knows her in real life would be a cool plot.
- In the real world she is the age of twenty, having graduated her second year of college and entered into a computer technical field of work. So knowing people from school or from her work would be a neat idea.


- Don't want any siblings or family esque relations



Siren is much more than just some misunderstood bully. She has been the victim of more than a cruel life and now she tends to take it out on people around her. Despite that, she yearns for connections and people to look past her poor attitude. As a support player, she can likely find herself in any party where her role is needed, and she has great pride in her ability to perform said job.


- Missions and adventure await!
- I want someone to confront her on her behavior; be they an enemy, friend, or lover. She isn't going to change without help, as it was other people that made her this way.
- Siren would have some interesting conflict between two people if you want some Angst.
- A bit Naive, she can be swayed and turned any color.
- Highkey need a slow moving romance
- She is a lover of 'STUFF' so its in her immediate agenda to get on the good side of people who craft and gather, and can introduce her to the process.
- In the Real World, she was a secretary working for a large producing company, who she caught embezzling money in odd patterns. Bringing it up to the IRS she ended up being swindled, giving the information over to a double agent who dismissed the notion and set her up instead. Not only did she lose her position, but it was on the news that she had attempted to steal millions of dollars. In court it was unable to be proven, but the damage was done. Any plots that can relate to this incident either in game or out would be great.





In Real Life, Byakko is a small framed nerd with social anxiety. More than that, he is a large pacifist and is extremely upset about having been stuck in the game. To him, his oppourtunity in school is wasted and believes his father will disown him for being a terrible son.
His timid nature has followed him into the game, which isn't disguised by his rather large statured avatar's appearance. Don't let the muscles fool you.
Despite being a spineless dweeb, he tends to be very nice, charismatic, and outgoing in conversation and can make friends easily no matter if you are male or female or non-binary. The good thing about being judged all the time, is that you are accepting of all people in the end.


- Someone who can relate to him
- A guild that can accept him - Friends who wont humiliate him from running away from a mob
- Adventure! - Need a ---tank?
- I'll make a man outta you.



PLAYED BY stallas asura

Asura is very purposeful. Moreover, he likes to give other people purpose too. He'd find Alura hanging around starting areas lost and aimless to be some great tragedy and would try to get her into trouble or some situation that would take her out of her comfort zone. But nothing she can't handle. He's kind of the epitome of reckless yolo.

Additionally, he's looking for people long-term or endgame that would want to stay in the game rather than escape. Potential to mess with other people that do want to leave in the future... But that's a circle he's slowly growing and scoping out, being a somewhat sensitive subject.

They could be good friends, or rivals, or idk even?
PLAYED BY Nova alura

@alura + @asura


The fact that they already have a similar viewpoint of "this isn't so bad" means they could get along well! She wont admit it however even if he asked.

I can see them having great interactions, friendly or competitive. Adventure sounds like fun and Alura needs a go to tank anyways! Maybe she can even try to push him to join her guild, even if he wont.
PLAYED BY kite luin
I saw that Siren likes "stuff" so I thought y'know, it would be kinda amusing if Luin just. Handed her a bunch of fish. Or maybe the two of them bumped into each other earlier, in which Siren discovers Luin has an absurdly high desynth success rate for fish? She can bring him some and he can....... desynth them............ into jars and jars and jars and more jars of sand.

I'm not too sure how hessian would bump into Siren, but if you have any ideas I am definitely game! I wouldn't say he's necessarily mean, but Hessian is very direct and cuts straight to the chase, so if you're looking for someone to tell Siren "hey have you considered not being an asshole" he might be the person? The difficulty with that though is Hessian generally doesn't get too close to others either, so atm he wouldn't have any real motivation to want to tell Siren to shape up...

Either way though let me know if you have any ideas! Like I said before I'm down for shenanigans because being entertained is my rp goal haha
PLAYED BY Nova alura

@siren + @luin

Luin can also try to teach Siren how to fish. She is a bit impatient so I think the task of doing it would be quite frustrating but funny at the same time. It was just a funny image that popped into my head. Putting together a fishing meet and greet wouldn't be so hard to do ^-^ I can put one together as soon as she is accepted if you want.

PLAYED BY kite luin
@siren A fishing thread could work! I am always down for fishing threads, maybe Luin can even show Siren a thing or two about desynthing? If you'd be willing to toss the thread up for us that would be a huge help though since I see Siren was recently accepted!
PLAYED BY Hoopa-Unbound ellen
Consider Ellen snagged. What do you have in mind?
PLAYED BY Nova alura


Let's go farming! Beat up some mobs for some drops. Talk about the game, talk about what current guilds are doing. Etc. Either in Avalon or the Salt flats. If that interests you. I can throw either @alura or @siren at you depending on who Ellen would rather interact with.

Alura is a bit more open and welcoming, while Siren is closed off but accepting. Both agree that this oppourtunity to never leave the game is a blessing, but Alura wont admit it. Either way we can have fun with some abilities, beat up some monsters, and have a chat thats unspecific to anything exactly.

If we go to Avalon, we could potentially have them 'spy' on the current siege of Camelot. Cause I know Alura is bummed that she didn't get to participate, so she wouldn't be against peeking at what is going on, or at least trying to peek.

Lemme know if you have any ideas from this.
PLAYED BY Hoopa-Unbound ellen
Yeah! Let's go farming! I'd love to farm with Siren; party balance is important.
PLAYED BY Nova alura
Added Byakko to the mix, he may not be accepted yet but let's plot!
PLAYED BY stallas asura
He wouldn't join a guild currently though also wouldn't give a reason why. She can harass him about it as a running gag.

If you want me to start a thread I can definitely do it, just be warned it'll be 100% random and probably put her in the kind of awkward positions that great friendship is forged in.

PLAYED BY loud sehnsucht

please teach sehnsucht how to function in an mmorpg, grandma doesn't really get it


this one's a bit more of an emotional plot, but sehnsucht is absolutely the type of person to get one someone's case if they're an asshole (she's an old german woman with a gun, so i mean), and by what the plotter says, siren's kind of an asshole.

SO. if you want a confrontation, then sehnsucht can absolutely play a berating grandmother. bonus points if siren tried to bring up that sehn's physically 13; sehn gets to then roast siren b/c she's probably not a cute charming foxgirl irl
PLAYED BY Arin nightingale
Angst? let's go.

I feel like Saoirse could fit nicely in a few of these wanted plots. If you need someone to address her behavior, Saoirse could do just that. She's pretty level headed and is capable of standing her ground even if things get heated. She'd be able to talk Siren down if her emotions flare and at the same time, she's more compassionate than she gives herself credit for in fact, she has a bleeding heart. I think it'd be a nice balance of helping Siren unlearn her bad habits and also, showing that she genuinely cares. It would probably create tension and loads of conflict between them but, hey, we're here for that good stuff.

Oh and worth noting, Saoirse is a dummy in the sense that she won't leave someone if she thinks they would need her around. Siren could probably throw everything and the kitchen sink at her and she wouldn't budge. Maybe Siren could appreciate her unconditional dedication??

They have a few things in common too! Saoirse is prideful as well and takes her job as a support very seriously. Maybe Siren could help her out after she becomes frustrated with her awful aim or something. Alternatively, I'm not sure if Siren tends to overexert herself or not, but, a 'nursing her back to health' kind of thread could be fun or vice versa. Her? Bedridden? How dare.

As for Saoirse, I think it'd be nice if Siren could return the favor and point out that she's hurting herself with her whole 'i gotta save everyone' complex. She's prone to depressive episodes whenever she feels like she's let herself down failing to save someone. Major angst there. Not only that, she should probably allow herself to feel her emotions every now and then. When was the last time she cried? No idea. Want some slow burn on the side? Sure buddy.

Just let me know how this all sounds to you.

hi im bacon
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