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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 Snivel, Open to One
PLAYED BY Hoopa-Unbound ellen
Curtains of water fell from the sky that afternoon, and clouds darkened the path back from school. The wind howled through tree branches and phone lines. At this time of day, very few passed through here - most people had gone home a full hour ago. Underneath a tree’s shade, his head turned downward and his body huddled against the wind, sat a boy.

Raindrops mingled with tears as they streamed down Andrew’s face. He didn’t seem to mind the rain as it beat down on him - with any luck he’d get sick, and that meant he had an excuse to stay home and VR.

He’d failed a Biology test, and Mr. Olsen had reprimanded him right after. “You’re better than this, Andrew,” he’d said, with a stern look. “You’re a much better student than this.” That the words stung him was no secret; Mr. Olsen was his favorite teacher, and Biology was his favorite subject.

Mom and Dad wouldn’t notice his absence until 7:00, anyway. They were too busy arguing with one another. It was the same boilerplate: one of them would scream at the other for something completely out of their control, then the other would defend themselves in a self-aggrandizing way, which would prompt the other to do likewise. He’d almost gotten bored of the routine. He bet that Dad would throw a vase at the wall again – they’d just bought new ones, and those rarely lasted a week.

What was he complaining about, anyway? In Africa, people were eating each other’s fucking brains to survive. He had it nice and cushy, with the VR and the broken home and the horrible school life and the plummeting grades. God, what did he have to complain about, anyway? He was playing on Easy mode and still losing. Loser.

Andrew heard a footstep splash against a puddle, but he didn’t turn around. He only hoped it was someone he didn’t know.
PLAYED BY loud sehnsucht
user posted image

a woman with a slight german accent spoke to andrew.

"you know, if you want a cold, you should at least take your shirt off."

she seemed annoyed and almost deadpan with him. in fact, she was. here she was, at the prime age of fifty years old, seeing the same teenage angst she'd seen for years now. she thought kids got tougher, these days. it was the trend, wasn't it?

it reminded her of when she was nine, and she saw all those sensitivity posts going around the internet in 2018. well, if anything, being young at that age taught you how to be nice.

well, not really.

a bag of groceries suddenly landed in andrew's lap, heavy with all sorts of detergent and fabric conditioner and such. the woman kicked him lightly on the leg, holding her umbrella so that it would cover the both of them.

"come on, get up. you're young, aren't you? help me with the groceries, mein doctor says i shouldn't do them myself. come on, up."

she rolled her eyes, and it was almost audible in her tone.

"it'll at least keep you away from whoever you're avoiding. get up, child."
PLAYED BY Hoopa-Unbound ellen
The footsteps turned out to be some middle-aged woman, with blonde hair, a Nazi accent, and uncomfortably large breasts. She introduced herself by cracking a joke - Andrew didn’t laugh, but simply kept quiet and turned away. It took the little kick she gave him to spur on a reaction.

“And why should I help you?” he said, no small amount of disrespect in his tone. He wasn’t in the mood to be talked down to, not today. Especially from someone who was ostensibly asking him for help. He was too lost in thought to notice that she’d covered him with her umbrella: if he did notice, he was likely writing it off as common courtesy.

It was true, though, that he didn’t know when he’d go home or even what he’d do when he went home. He was just planning on sitting there indefinitely, not planning on going back to that shitshow - and definitely not planning on helping out Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS over here. But she did pose a good point.

It was her final comment that convinced him otherwise. It was true that he didn’t want to think about it, so helping someone else was likely the best, most productive course of action. Andrew didn’t say anything, but simply picked up the bag tossed to him and began walking with the old hag.
PLAYED BY loud sehnsucht
user posted image

oh, finally. the boy decided to walk with her. she half-expected him to try and throw her laundry supplies at her, which, looking at his arms, meant more of a mess on himself than on her.

man, but his arms were scrawny.

in any case, the woman kept the umbrella above the both of them, making her way down the sidewalk as the rain poured.

upon closer inspection, her wrinkles were more defined up close-- where, from afar, she seemed like a buxom woman in her thirties, up close, you could see the stress marks under her eyes and the lightness in her hair.

the conversation began again after a brief pause, the woman's face carefully callous.

"i don't suppose you'd like to talk about your problems. you seem like the type who wouldn't."

her lips pressed into a thin line, almost a frown, but not quite.

"though, i won't stop you if you -- ach, i'm bad at this. vhatever. you know, these days, they usually have a few helplines for kids like you."

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