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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 BÁTRACHOI, (c) Echo
Kairos narrowed her eyes, near blinded by the reflection of Monad's sun on the salts of the Infinite Azure. Her right hand attempted to shield her from some light, blocking but a fraction of the sun's luster. A magnificent place, this Monad. Never in her life did Kairos - or Anika, in the real world - dream she'd be in a game's world. Not like this, anyway. Ever since arriving, since becoming trapped, she set her sights on the one and only goal: the End Game. She traveled, aimless at first, throughout the game's first realm, for power. If she was going to see the game through, Kairos needed to get stronger.

And so she was on the hunt. Today's target?

Locals of the surrounding area recounted rumors of over-sized frogs in the area. Some said they might've even seen toads instead, but frogs remained consistent. They were a higher level than she was, prompting Kairos to search for help in her pseudo-quest. Those efforts proved fruitless, and instead Kairos went out on her own to confront the beasts. The path set before her would lead her to the salt flats, an area she had grown infatuated with over its beauty.

But that was enough of that.

As she glided along the glass-like surface, Kairos became aware of something up ahead. The ground was gurgling, or at least it appeared to be. Bubbles and sand spat out of a circular pit among the salt and, upon her arrival, a large yellow eye peeked from below. "Whoa, look at you!" She hailed, tapping the ground with the rear spearhead of Triaina. "A lot grosser than I anticipated, but not nearly as scary. Sad, I was expecting more."

A deep rumble beneath her feet signified the beast's displeasure. Unfortunate for the beast, Kairos acted first. The spearhead drove down into the frog's eye, causing it to shriek in pain. Kairos, to draw the monster out, took that as her cue and took off in the direction she came.

If only she could've recruited some help.
hope this works x @echo
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

Echo couldn't do it anymore. Listening to the others back in Keterburg. Hearing everyone mourning over the fact that they were now trapped. Seeing the tears on what she could only assume were children's faces. Echo would be lying if she didn't feel lost, or alone at first. She had a husband back in the real world. She had a family who would miss her. She had her own travel magazine; Would Jessica be able to take care of it without her there... Probably not. It didn't take long though, for Echo to see this as a blessing. She was free.

In Monad she didn't have to wear her wedding band, or pin her hair up when she kissed her husband, so her long hair didn't get in his mouth. She didn't have to arrange coffee dates with her parents and sit through them going on about how empty her house must feel without a child..In Monad, Echo didn't have to worry about what people expected from her. Nobody knew her here. She could be whoever she wanted. She could finally live out her dream from high school - to explore the world. Granted this wasn't the world she had intended to explore, but it couldn't be that bad.

She heard whispers of salt flats that stretched as far as the eye could see. The whispers weren't wrong. The infinite Azure was breath-taking. Echo hesitated before daring to step on the glass-like surface. What if she shattered it? What if no one else would get to stare at this vista like she had?

"Don't." Echo whispered. She had to stop. Stop worrying. She had to be carefree. She had to be like the warriors she saw back in Keteburg. The ones who left first. The ones who weren't weeping. She had to be brave if she was going to see all that the world had to offered. Echo looked down at her smiling reflection."You'll be free."

As she took her first steps onto the surface, nothing shattered. Nothing bad happened. Echo took another. Still, nothing. And then another, and another after that. Her feet raced across the surface. As her mind spun, taking in the sights. Bubbles drifted through the air. Geysers burst into the open sky, spewing sand and bubbles. She stopped, taking the opportunity to pop a drifting bubble.

Echo's face and posture relaxed. She stretched her arms out, and spun slowly staring up at the bright sky. It had been far too long since she felt so free. Too long since she hadn't felt the pressure of the world.

The croaking is what woke Echo from her day dream. She turned her gaze to a green frog that stared up at her. Aren't you adorable?"" She said reaching out to put the creature.

xx @kairos Let's see how this goes
A thunderous roar from the frog told Kairos everything she needed to know: it was massive. Looking over her shoulder, she beheld the creature as it erupted from the salty sands of the flats. It gave chase, trailing not far behind Kairos as she put distance between the two. Matter of fact, she found herself bewildered at how fast it caught up to her. In only a few giant hops, the frog was well within striking distance. She scowled, the grip of her left hand tightening around her spear as the frog let out another croak. The way it vibrated the ground beneath her almost knocked Kairos off her feet.

But before she could react, the giant frog launched its slimy tongue in her direction. She might compare it to the feeling of smacking against water after jumping off a waterfall. If only she enjoyed this as much as those adrenaline-fueled dives. Kairos's body flew away with the impact, skipping - no, slamming - against the glassy ground. Salty water made its way into her mouth and eyes, and though she found herself in immense pain, she rose to her feet. "Not bad," She heaved, the corner of her mouth hooking up into a smirk. "Yeah... Not bad at all!"

Readying herself to lunge, Kairos aimed for the only weak point on the beast she knew - its bloodied eye. It loomed over her, its neck puffing up with air as it let out another ear-splitting croak. Her ears folded down, safeguarding her hearing from further harm. Some salt from her tumble had, unfortunately, irritated the poor things already. So consumed by this, she almost "forgot" about the frog looming before her.

"There we go!"

Lunging forward, Kairos drove the three prongs of her trident into the giant frog's eye. It bellowed out another roar, causing the ground of the salt flats to rumble and ripple as far as Kairos could see. The monster's tongue shot out again, this time striking Kairos harder than the first. She flew off like a bullet, not knowing when she might finally hit the ground - nor how hard. Her eyes closed as she awaited her fate, only opening them when she felt the whirling of air around her weaken.

They opened, setting themselves on a woman, sharing a similar appearance with Kairos. It didn't seem that she noticed their impending collision, poor girl. Kai hoped she was wrong.

Meanwhile the frog continued chasing after her, now aware of the second girl as well.
ribbit x @echo
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

It was peaceful here. In an odd way it reminded Echo of home. Everything was so serene. The silence was only broken by the deep croaking of the petite frog that kept hopping closer to her. Back home moments like this would bore Echo - but here it soothed her. Maybe it was just a property of the Infinite Azure, or maybe it was the change of pace.

It WAS calming, until Echo heard the surface crack. Frantically she turned to see a women crashing across the surface towards her: Too quickly. Echo felt the woman as she crashed against her. The pair tumbled into a pile. Echo instinctively grabbed her shoulder that slammed against the dense surface, attempting to nurse it. Where this woman came from was a mystery to Echo.

The once peaceful frog spat its tongue out at Echo, slapping her across the face. "Excuse you?" She grunted glaring at the small frog. "I thought we were getting along?" She sighed, as she pushed herself up onto her feet, barely managing to stand straight.

Her gaze switched back to the woman. "Hello?" She asked, bending down slightly to poke the woman."Are you alive?" Echo felt the small frog smack her once more. "Really?" She rolled her eyes. She turned back to the frog. "If you're not going to play nice!" Echo quickly pulled out her blowgun and loaded an ordinary dart into it, aiming at the small frog, and firing- sending it gliding across the surface out of sight.

The surface shook with a force strong enough to knock Echo back to her knees. "What the?" Echo tried to keep her balance, refusing to fall completely over. She turned to see the cause of the commotion. And what she could only assume was how the woman turned into a bowling ball and knocked Echo over in the first place. A giant frog. Perhaps giant wasn't the right word, a monstrously sized frog.

"Please tell me that's your mount." Echo gasped, trying to catch her breath. She loaded another dart into her blowgun, preparing for the worst.

xx @kairos Rib-Ribbit
Upon colliding with the other woman, to Kairos one thing was certain: she preferred the ground. Kairos remained in a sort of fetal position for some time, squeezing her eyes shut tight as she fought off the pain. She was in a daze from the impact, so much that she was unaware when the woman began poking at her. Her ears would respond on their own accord, with a slight flick following the woman's prodding. As Kairos opened her eyes the image of what was around her faded into view, and with a scoff she rose to her feet. A little chuckle betrayed her embarrassment at the whole ordeal.

"Sorry 'bout that," She mumbled, wincing as a burning feeling shot up her back. 'Great,' She thought. 'That one will hurt tomorrow.'

Her eyes set themselves on the woman, then shifted to the frog, passing between them a few times. Her mount? Surely this woman was jesting; why would she own something so hideous? "Unfortunately not," Kairos snickered, spinning Triaina over her head. Readying the weapon, Kairos prepared herself for the frog's next move. The other woman responded in kind, loading a dart into her gun. Excellent. This was the help Kairos was looking for.

The two massive hits from the frog brough Kairos's health down enough for her to reap the benefits of Eurus. It showed in how she grinned before the beast, in how she readied herself. As the monster opened its mouth to release the wrecking ball that was its tongue, Kairos was on the move. "Watch out!" She called back to the woman. All she managed to catch glimpse of was the frog's tongue crashing down where they both stood. "Whoa, hey! Are you okay?"

She rushed the monster, readying her spear as a blue aura began fluttering around her body. First she jabbed her spear into the monster's thick, mucous-covered hide. It almost wasn't enough to breach the skin, but managed to do so with a little extra push. The frog wailed, its gaze desperate to fix itself on the source of its pain. Spinning in place, the beast sent Kairos flying off a few feet to its left, though she was unharmed.

Where was the other woman?
Don't say she lost her already.
x @echo x
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

It wasn't her mount? Echo paused staring at the giant frog as its tongue swung at the pair. Echo managed to roll out of the way this time. Something about this monster didn't feel right. It was Echo's first real mob that fought back since she got here, but it just felt so powerful. How was she meant to deal with it? All she had was a support ability.

She got back to her feet. Echo could already feel the fatigue kicking in. Was it always going to be like this? Would she always feel so tired? Maybe she should have been a lancer... That is what the other woman was. Wasn't it? Echo watched in awe as she launched herself at the monster - and then in fear as the Frog sent the woman to the ground once more. Whomever the woman was, she would need Echo's help.

She loaded Whispering Memory with a sleeping dart and shot it at the frog. Despite its size, the toxin in the dart would put the frog to sleep if no one injured it. It was all Echo could do to give the Lancer time to reposition herself. Echo raced to the where the woman fell to help her back to her feet."Please don't be dead! I don't think I can do this alone!" Echo questioned as she tore parts of her robes off to bandage where the woman was injured.

Echo's gaze returned to the beast as it began to slow down. "It won't be out for long! What's the plan?" She brushed her hair out of her face. "Do you think we can take it on?" The faint sound of weight hitting the surface behind them drew her attention.

While the large frog went to sleep in front of them, behind a swarm of smaller frogs gathered."This isn't looking good!" She armed her blowgun with her regular darts, aiming at the incoming hoard.

Whispering Lullaby: 8/9 Usage Remaining
Echo, Echo, Echo!: Whispering Lullaby x1
Kairos landed with a heavy thud, staggering to her feet as she became aware of the woman. "Please don't be dead!" Her voice faded in and out, Kairos's eyes unable to focus on her. All she could focus on was a series of blurs. What was happening? Reaching ahead of her, Kairos seized the woman's arm as she started wheezing. She was in so much pain, but determined it necessary. After all, the lower her health dropped, the faster she became. "I'll be fine," She gasped, using Triaina to hold her weight. "Let me catch my breath. We'll be good."

Unfortunately, their rest was interrupted by the arrival of slightly smaller frogs. Her vision was still a little blurry, but Kairos counted five or six of the things. She laughed at the sight of the things, narrowing her gaze on them as the picture came into focus. "We'll be fine, make sure you follow my lead." Charging the group, Kairos activated Myrmidon. Uninterrupted, she lunged into the mob, driving Triaina into the face of one. The bluish ripple around her struck away from her back, killing a second as it lunged at her from behind. Two down.

These smaller frogs had been the subject of her past grinding efforts. They were the last thing she felt warranted concern. She jumped out of the group as they squabbled among themselves, getting a better count of them. Six remained, meaning the group started at eight. Okay, they could handle this. Having an Archer, she thought, was the best possible scenario. Someone to cover her back while she got in the thick of things; someone to pick off the stragglers as she drew the crowd.

Her eyes set themselves upon the giant frog for a second, still sleeping, before she ran back to the woman. Whoever she was, she was a blessing in disguise. "I bet if we keep doing that, we'll be able to pick the group apart before he wakes up." She said. "As long as I don't get smacked around too much we should be fine. Or we can split, up to you I guess. I'm not gonna do it alone."
x @echo x
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

Echo sighed in relief as she watched the woman get to her feet using her trident. She would be okay. For now at least. Maybe she should have gone with a more traditional support skill. But something about being able to run away from her enemies and all of the problems they brought about just felt fitting.

Eight frogs. Plus big one. They were severely outnumbered. If this was a normal game, like the ones Echo played back home it wouldn't bother her. This however, was real. Though she didn't cower in fear, she knew she couldn't mess up. Follow her lead? Echo briefly paused watching as the woman, who she could only describe as insane launched herself into the swarm of frogs. She counted two lifeless bodies on the ground as the woman landed.

Echo took the time to turn back around to shoot the sleeping giant with another shot of Whispering Lullaby. If she could at least keep the big guy away, maybe they could deal with the smaller guys first. "I'll keep the big one occupied! How long do you think it'll take to deal with the others?" She shouted.

With her blowgun loaded, she shot at the mass of frogs. She didn't deal much damage, but perhaps it would help. Probably not, but she couldn't look like a useless maiden in front of the first player she interacted with.

"How about we don't split up?!" Echo shouted, instantly refuting the suggestion. There was no way she was going to be left for dead when the giant thing woke. She couldn't afford to be left alone. Clearly she wasn't capable of fending for herself. Echo made a mental note to put up a warning sign outside of the Infinite Azure once she made it out safely, warning travelers of the danger that lurked beneath the crystalline surface.

Whispering Lullaby: 7/9 Usage Remaining
Echo, Echo, Echo!: Whispering Lullaby x2
How long did she think it'd take? A smirk on her face, Kairos glanced over at the angry mob of smaller frogs, then back at the woman. "A few small guys like that? I don't imagine long," She replied. "They're a lot smaller, stay huddled together. Hell, I bet a few good swings with Triaina and they're done for.". Kairos's main concern was the giant one, despite the woman firing another dart into its thick skin. They couldn't afford that big thing getting up, not with the mob around. As long as the two of them worked together there was nothing to fear, no reason to worry.

"Make sure he doesn't wake up."

With another twirl of the red trident, she targeted one of the smaller frogs and charged. It was in the center of the group, much like the first she killed. Triaina gave off the blue aura as she attacked, signalling Myrmidon's activation. As the longest point of the weapon pierced the frog's supple back, another lunged at her from behind. She wasn't going to let herself get body slammed like her first trip to the salt flats. Not again.

That's where Myrmidon came in. The blue aura rippled around Kairos, shooting out at the small frog like a spectral spear. It pierced the frogs face, leaving her open to the attack of one of the remaining four frogs. With a crooked croak all its own, the frog's tongue shot out, looping itself several times around her arm. Another frog followed suit, with the other two lining up to take their turns going at her. No way.

Weakened by the assault from the larger monster, she struggled to break free from their hold. Kairos would eventually break her right arm free, erupting into a fit of violence as she went on the attack. She beat the thing until it stopped moving, her eyes - an almost blood-thirsty glare - fixated on the other frog. Switching Triaina into her free hand, Kairos plunged the spear into the monster. In her fit she grew unaware of the other two frogs, one of which jumped at her like a cannonball.

It collided with her, sending her stumbling backwards. Kairos would drop to her knees about halfway between them and the woman. "How are we looking? Is he still sleeping?" She coughed, aware that her health was becoming too low for comfort. "I'm not...so sure how much I've got left in me, so be ready."

She readied herself for one of two scenarios. Option one saw them slay the smaller frogs, with just two left, so long as the giant slept. The other option was to run, which at present felt the most desirable. But Kairos? Kairos never took the easy way. Not in the real world, so certainly not in Monad.

That bumbling giant need only stay asleep. For now.
Eurus S +12%/H -60% x @echo x myrmidon 2/10
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

Triaina. That must have been the name of her trident. It sounded elegant, almost fragile. Nothing like the woman in front of her who charged towards the frogs again, like warrior out of a history book. She thought it wouldn't take long? Somehow that relieved her. Echo looked up at the sky that was once blinding, but now it was starting to fade. Would it be nighttime soon? Echo gulped, fearing an even bigger creature would arrive at dusk.

It was her job to keep the big guy at bay. As long as no one injured him, it shouldn't be a problem. Her skills made her perfect for situations that involved either A, Running away, or B, Ignoring your problems until they go away. "Got it!" She shouted, firing another shot of Whispering Lullaby into the big frog.

Having such a simple task meant she could watch the woman fight without worry - and was it ever the sight. A blue light danced around the Lancers body. Perhaps she was more elegant than Echo first assumed. The Lancer twirled and spun out of the way, dodging the smaller frogs attacks. But she was tired. One frog managed to wrap its tongue around her arm, and then a second around her other arm. "No!" Echo screamed. She couldn't let the woman die. She was saving her life! Echo loaded her blowgun with another shot of Whispering Lullaby, prepared to aid her comrade.

To her surprise, the woman broke free on her own. Defeated two more frogs before the remaining foes jumped at her, sending her back to her knees. Echo rushed over to aid her. "You're getting too weak to do this alone!" Echo panted. "The big guy won't wake up anytime soon, I won't let him." She assured. "But that not matter." She pointed where the remaining frogs prepared for another attack.

Be ready for what?! What was she planning? Was she going to sacrifice herself? No. She couldn't think like that. Whoever this woman was, she wasn't stupid. Or at least Echo hoped. She'd know when it was too much, right? Echo's eyes grew wide as the two smaller frogs lept at the pair. Her eyes darted between the woman and the two frogs.

She had to do it. She jumped between the pair, taking the assault herself. She'd never felt anything like the pain before as the bodies collided into hers. Her mother always said child birth would be the most painful, but rewarding thing she would ever live through. Echo began to doubt that as she collapsed onto the shimmering surface. She could already see a bruise on her face where the frogs attacked.

Echo managed to turn her head to look at the warrior. This way she could finish it. Her eyes panned over to where the two frogs were readying up for another attack. One way or another the fight was about to end.

H - 75%
Whispering Lullaby: 6/9
Echo, Echo, Echo!: Whispering Lullaby x3

With the woman's shout, Kairos made her move. Her feet shifted against the wet, salted earth below as she pressed forward. Triaina was ready, its leading point aimed straight for the gullet of one of the frogs. Then the unspeakable - the woman, whoever she was, jumping in Kairos's way. She took the attack, knocked down by the incoming assault of the two smaller monsters. Was she trying to get herself killed? "Whoa! Hey, are you alright?". Kairos grimaced at the aftermath, shaking her head as she moved towards the woman to ensure she was okay.

But those frogs had other plans, especially the one Kairos dubbed the "leader" of the two.

The frog inflated to croak, ready to unleash some attack on Kairos, but she made her move first. Her spear pierced the creature's thin skin, and with a twist of the weapon Kairos put it out of its misery. A shrill cry of some sort, she believed, announced the monster's defeat. From behind the other attacked, though a well timed toss of the trident dispatched it quickly. With the small group dead, all that was left was to take care of the big guy. Kairos questioned whether they would make it, and made the executive decision to run.

Kairos reached down for the woman, slinging her up over her shoulders, and began running - fast. She didn't think she was capable of such speed on her own, owing it all to her passive skills and a touch of adrenaline. When they were finally safe, finally off the salt flats themselves, only then did Kairos set the woman down. Beads of sweat and salt rolled down her face, sometimes burning into the scuffs and scratches. The worst, by far, was a small cut on the side of her face. It didn't bleed much, but it was noticeable. By the feeling of things, Kairos guessed it'd go away in no time.

"Well that was fun!" Kai laughed, struggling to fully catch her breath. Her arm reached around her side, applying pressure to her sore, worn muscles. "Maybe we'll have to, like-" She paused, gasping a little at a sudden pain in her left flank. "You know, do all that again sometime. Take out that big one."

After a brief pause, Kairos extended her hand to the woman. She wasn't the best with strangers in the real world, but conversation starting was easy. After all, the worst she could do was just walk away, right? Such was the logic of Anika, the player behind the avatar.

"My in-game handle is Kairos, but you can call me Kai."
x @echo x

Eurus S +12%/H -60%
Myrmidon 2/10
PLAYED BY Mroddy echo

Anime was her guilty pleasure. While some wives would go on shopping sprees when their husbands went away for a business trip, Echo would curl up with her cat sip from a hot cup of cocoa, and watch anime for hours on end. That was her secret. In almost every anime she'd watch as the characters threw themselves in front of bullets, arrows or whatever the attack was, and then they'd make a new best friend. What she hadn't realized was how much it would hurt. Small amounts of blood began to pool on the salty surface. Her eyes fixated on the other woman. Echo could only hope it wasn't done for nothing.

It looked as though the other woman was coming to help, until the frogs lept between them. Their mistake. The other woman made quick work of them. Her trident dripping as she tossed it at the final frog.

The death croaks of the final two smaller frogs echoed across the Infinite Azure. It was over. She reached for her sleeping dart to put the frog to sleep once more, but her fingers refused to wrap around them. Her grip on her blowgun loosened and then the world faded away.

Echo woke up riding on the woman's back. She brought her to safety? Echo smiled softly. Whoever she was, she was a good person. Echo didn't notice how beaten and bruised the other woman was until she put her down. They were far away from wherever the King of the Flies waited. They were finally safe.

"Well that was fun! Maybe we'll have to, like-" Echo watched as the woman grabbed onto her side. How she managed to carry Echo all the way here, and at that speed was a miracle she thought. Maybe it was one her skills. "You know, do all that again sometime. Take out that big one."

Echo blinked and stared blankly at the woman. Maybe she was just crazy after all. Without hesitation though, Echo opened her lips. "Yeah? I think we could do that. He must have good loot or something." Crazy must be contagious. Or maybe, something about this world just made Echo willing to try new things.

"You can call me Kai."

Kairos offered her hand to Echo. In her weakened state Echo weakly shook Kai's hand before falling into her arms. "Sorry!" Echo gasped. "I'm just so tired." She jumped back, regaining her composure. "Echo." She replied with a smile on her face. She opened her UI to send a friend request to Kairos. "I guess it was my turn to fall into you." She laughed, closin the UI.


H - 75%
Whispering Lullaby: 6/9
Echo, Echo, Echo!: Whispering Lullaby x3

It worked! Haha, it worked! Kai grinned, gleeful as ever, as the girl - later revealed to be Echo - shook her hand. Anika didn't make a habit of shaking hands back home. As a matter of fact, she preferred sitting around at home alone. She didn't have many real-world friends as a result and even managed to rub elbows with the wrong people at work. But this? This elated her, for lack of any better word. The entire scenario might have stayed that way too, had Echo not lost her composure and fallen into the other girl's arms. Kairos's jaw dropped - really dropped.

She didn't say much, she couldn't. Instead, Kairos stood there, eyes so wide you could make out the whites, and stammered. If handshaking was a rarity, how rare then must this have been? People didn't get this close to her this often, and when they did it wasn't to fall into her arms. Despite everything inside her screaming otherwise, Kai resisted the urge to drop the girl where she stood. Echo could use her to rest, if that was what she needed, for now. When she jumped back up after realizing what was happening, Kai's face was already a hot red. "Sorry!" The girl gasped, to which Kairos limply swatted her away. "It's nothing, don't mention it." She said back. "And I mean, really, don't mention it. Ever again."

A chill ran up her spine. Gross.
Physical contact with another human being.
Sort of.

Kai kept her eyes trained on Echo as she sent a friend request her way, the message popping up in her display. She marveled the thing, resisting the urge to tremble as she argued with herself: accept or not? Echo seemed nice enough, if not someone Kai would get along with in life, then most certainly someone she could game with. Grinning ear to ear, Kai accepted the request, with Echo filling her first friend slot. It was a beauty to behold, something that would likely remain precious to Anika even after the game was over. "I guess it was my turn to fall into you." Her sense of humor was a huge bonus.

Rolling her eyes, Kai chuckled. "Yeah, I have a bad habit of crashing into some and falling onto others. Sorry about that." She laughed a little more. A little glancing around and she figured it was time for a change of scenery. "So hey, Echo. Doing anything fun? I feel like kicking around the Azure for a bit and don't have anyone else to chill with. You free?"
HP: 60%
Mrymidon: 2/10
Eurus: S +12%/H -60%

notes: OMG I had no idea it's been this long!! SORRY for the wait Roddy D:
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