You wake up to an unknown world, your memories intact. You have been selected as a beta tester for the much-anticipated virtual reality MMORPG "FATE/Online". You had fired up your VR Pod, logged into your account, and created your character. But once you have spawned into what should be the beginner's area, a system message instead informs you that you are now trapped within the game, and you must "win the game to exit" if you want to return to your body. Find the Holy Grail, and everyone will be set free.


In the year of 2059 A.D., advancements in technology has made it possible to produce some of the most gratifying forms of entertainment. Video games have evolved beyond than just interaction behind a computer or television screen. The company known as SE.RA.PH has devised devices that allows a full immersion of virtual reality known as Virtual Reality Pods or simply called "VR Pods". By hooking up a person's physical body into the headset's neurotransmitter gear, one can "upload" their consciousness into a digital realm and exist there.

This spawned a new century of innovative video game engineering that set forth a wave of products to hit the market. But most notably was the long-awaited first MMORPG – "Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game" – to fully implement all the VR Pod has to offer, in a vibrant fantasy world known as "Monad". Players will embark on a journey of adventure and treasure-hunting as they strive to reach last dungeon floor of Monad.

The truth is, there exists an anomaly in the game system; a wish-granting anomaly known to a few others as the Holy Grail. It exists in a plane parallel to ours, where tangible and physical means of contact is impossible. The creator of FATE/Online knew this as much, and decided to program a system that would bridge that gap; the world of Monad.

You are summoned as a Pseudo Servant from an artificial Throne of Heroes, hidden in the game UI as the character creation module. You are however, able to choose the class you decide to play as, nor are you modelled after a Heroic Spirit; you are simply manifested through your own wish to participate in the world as a "hero" of your own right. Now, it's time to bear arms and fight your way to the final floor – where the "last boss" lies in wait for a challenger...