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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 (event) until dawn




A mysterious magician by the name of @merlin has come to plead for help from players to help save his king. Trapped in Camelot, a ruined castle in Avalon, the honourable King Arthur and his knights are barricaded within the castle walls as they defend themselves from a plague of Draugr.

Merlin has led the players to Avalon, where they had already witnessed firsthand the effects of the Draugr plague. After successfully escorting the court wizard to the gates of Avalon, he summons enough magic to create a portal that will transport players into the castle sanctum.


You have made it through the portal safely, porting into a large, empty chamber. The throne room. The halls are eerily empty, save for the sounds of your own breathing. Merlin and another mysterious figure awaits for your arrival, waiting to brief you on the next course of action.


Several NPCs will aid player characters in this event. This event will splinter off into two branches, where you must choose one of the two paths to participate in. You cannot switch paths after making your decision. Should either path fail its mission objectives, the event will result in a bad end.

Players must reply to the first event chapter and have their characters access the castle sanctum through the portal Merlin has left behind for you. The portal will close in 24 Earth hours.

PLAYED BY Caramel jaune
He made it. He got into the throne room of Camelot. If the giant throne was any indications. It was empty. And eerily calm in here. As if the undead monsters just barely outside the walls didn't exist, in fact this place carried such a eerie feeling to it that Jaune kept his bow at the ready in his hand ready to kill anything that sneaks up on him.

It was so quiet in here that he could only hear his breathing, which was hasten due to the madness that surrounded him just moments ago. Jaune when he scanned the room more carefully and seeing that he was the only in here that belonged to the party thus far. Jaune also spotted Merlin and a mysterious figure. But he wasn't going to deal with that at this moment.

Jaune tried to connect to the rest of the party, but the Party channel simply said, "Party chat disabled for cutscene" Jaune let out a soft but full of feeling, "Fuck...!" Looks like he has to deal with this after all. Jaune might as well say something. So he stood up from his combat ready pose and did a causal two finger salute at Merlin and the figure

"...Soooo what's next, y'all? More killing? and hopefully less madness?"
PLAYED BY kata fray
She didn't really know what to expect on the other side of the portal, but an empty hall was more ominous than she'd like.

"Can the draugr go through the portal too?" Fray asked, although as time passed, it looked like they couldn't. That, or all the players that remained on the other side were doing an impressive job of keeping the draugr away.

They seemed safe (for now), so she sheathed her sword. She took a moment the catch her breath, now that they weren't being attacked on all sides.

"Next we find where everyone's holed up in this place. It's hard to save people if we haven't even found them yet."

She looked at the mysterious figure. Not too rudely, she asked Merlin, "Who's this?"
PLAYED BY pine roro
Once through the portal, Rosanne gave @emerson a quick, "Thank you, dear," and hopped off of the side of the ship, her ridiculous dress puffing up not unlike an umbrella to ease her gently to the ground, among the other players fast enough to get through the portal. What lay before her - an empty hall, save Merlin and one other, another that Rosanne did not recognize, but there were only so many guesses she could make. Either the fabled king, or another of Merlin's allies - and in Rosanne's book, that meant they were an ally to her as well. They were all long past the point where they could pretend all of this wasn't real, after all.

Seeing a familiar face, Rosanne moved through the others to reach @jaune's side, gently putting a hand on his upper arm, and telling him, quietly, - "You were brave, thank you," She hoped he wasn't still wounded from the fighting on the other side - and glancing at another familiar face, fray, was it? Rosanne hoped that she was doing fine as well. Those close enough to Rosanne would at least find it easier to catch their breath, she was quite literally giving them a REPRIEVE in the short time they had before shit hit the fan again.

... Her gaze roamed around the others, and she waited - wondering about how many were going to be here. And if there were going to be more familiar faces, or... ? Who knew. Rosanne dropped her hand from Jaune's arm, and then finally - finally - resigned herself to opening up her UI and figuring out how to make the infernal flashing go away. Just for a little bit, alright? How could she pay Merlin the attention he was due with all of these party invites?

She was more than willing to be patient and wait for the others.. and for Merlin to explain.

As long as the beeping could stop.

Being within 15 ft of Roro raises fellow player's out of combat regeneration.
Reduces the damage nearby allies take by a small amount. Increases the movement speed of nearby allies by a small amount.
PLAYED BY mist eden
Once they made it into the creepily-empty throne room, Eden became very distinctly aware of the almost deafening click-clack of their pegasus' hooves on the marbled floor. It was like hearing a woman stomp down the hallway in her heels, except it echoed.

For a brief moment, the rider considered feeling embarrassed by the noise -- then they remembered the fact that they'd been running from zombies, and figured self-consciousness was a waste of time when faced with something right out of a B-rate horror movie.

Eden glanced up, glad to see that the ceiling was as obscenely high as they'd always imagined it to be. At least they'd have room to fly, if necessary. Another quick scan of the area showed no signs of someone on the brink of kicking the bucket, so they simply settled comfortably into Perseus' saddle to wait and see.

All allies within fifteen feet regain a small amount of health each turn.
PLAYED BY wil. aspen
The journey through the portal was instantaneous, which was slightly disappointing because he had expected awesome visual, some fanfare, or at least a tingle. But he supposed from the sight of the empty room around them that it wasn't really that sort of an event.

Aspen had let go, dropped from the side of @emerson's ship, and landed into an easy roll to his feet. He took a few seconds to size up the area they were in, then took about twice as long to glance quickly at the others who had already arrived.

There was @jaune, who had been the one to take fast action when everyone else had been locked in squabbles. @fray was here, probably to reprise her role as Knight Explodes-alot.

Two others stood out to him for different reasons. @eden was hard to miss on her winged horse, for one, and @roro, though lacking no flair just through the appearance of her avatar alone, also was of note because she seemed to be a sharp few levels higher than everyone else who had made it through at the moment.

Also, his minor injuries had all but disappeared from both of their abilities combined.
Which was nice.

To any of them who would meet his gaze, Aspen would not shy away but would do little more than smile.

Then, he waited, which was all he could do.

notes: checking out everyone.
PLAYED BY Zappa lainemaa
The light. The promise of safety. Charon’s ferry sailed the otherworldly seas to uncharted waters, bringing her to a land her eyes would never have dreamt to lay upon. . . .

There, at the end of the tunnel, she could see it, her destination. Where was it? She knew not. She was meant to endure the enlightenment from the blazing star she was rushing towards, and learn from it. It was her destiny, her very purpose of being, her—

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden chill of a dark, empty chamber, and the vertigo felt from her grip on the rudder of the ghost ship slipping, bringing her to fall to the floor on her back.

Lainemaa was quick to recover, her eyes wide and delirious and her voice carrying clear through the chamber. “Ahh! Where am I? Am I dead? Is this Heaven?” When she saw everyone around her—particularly @merlin, the equally dishevelled @jaune, and @roro and @apollo, whom she also recognized as part of the scouting party—her expression grew dull, even disappointed, and her voice switched to an equally flat tone. “Oh. Hi, folks. Guess not.”

She seriously needed a drink. Preferably of the caffeinated, leafy sort, but she’d settle for something stiff, too.

It wasn’t long after than Laine noticed another figure—the same one that was also assisting the scouting group earlier despite not being among the original party—and it only took a few moments, even in the dim lighting of the chamber, for her to notice @filia’s more notable features. “Oh, hey. Look what the cat dragged in. Or would it be the other way around?” she remarked at the girl, giving a wry smile, though there wasn’t any particular malice in her tone. Catching herself, she darted her attention back to the two presumed NPCs in the room: Merlin, and the mysterious figure at his side, whom even Laine had to admit, gave her a sense of unease, for lack of better terms.

“Don’t worry, folks. I’m sure Merlin just wanted to invite us over for coffee or something. That’s all.”

tl;dr Laine’s being a smartass.
PLAYED BY Clover filia
When it came to magical portals in fiction, there were usually one of two cases. One, the portal was more like door that you could walk through, no problem, and the second in which you were more shot from one space into another, your stomach—among other things—feeling like you just got through the final rush of The Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster. Twice. Because someone hit rewind to do it again for kicks.

Luckily for everyone involved, it was the former.

Travelling in the wake of the ghost ship, Filia stumbled in somewhat warily, the glowing energy from her staff still swirling around its two pointed ends. If one looked closely, they might find some shade or the vague shape of a face within those lights, although most were likely to be much like the girl herself, scanning their new surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was Jaune being comforted by Roro, bringing a smile to her face. Then next the presence of Aspen, to whom she raised that smile just a tad higher for, until she noticed the gaze of another new face, a lady with mouse ears, whose general disposition reminded her a bit of her mother, or perhaps her single aunt.

At the woman's words, however, the girl gave a furrowed brow. Still caught in somewhat of a post-battle rush, she didn't quite catch the other's meaning, with her first instinct causing her to check her appearance, upon which she discovered...


Clutching tightly around her leg was what remained of the arm of a draugr, from elbow to hand. Letting out what would've otherwise been a barely noticable squeak, if not for the giant hall they were in, Filia pried the arm from her leg...

Only to then pocket it into her inventory once she realized it was no longer moving. Useful spell catalyst, perhaps.

And then, despite fully knowing Lainemaa wasn't serious, Filia attempted to add a bit a levity to the latter's statement since others had some of the more important questions down, saying, "Well, you know, I bought these tea leaves in town that were super good. It was, like, a mint green tea—so not bitter at all!"

tl;dr Filia unwittingly reaping the rewards of Merlin heal portal.
PLAYED BY Novas paperclip
Some part of Clip's mind expected some kind of loading screen, or at least one of those fancy symbols, but there wasn't much fanfare in jumping through portals. No motion sickness, either much to her relief - the last thing she wanted in an adventure like this was nausea.

The silence was deafening, and the depths of the shadows would be chilling if not for the presence of other players around. Even then, it was quite cool to see historical architecture up front...Definitely not an experience VR could replicate. Just like the exhaustion and the slight sheen of sweat forming on her skin.

"Hey, mind if you can tell me where you got those leaves from later?" She tilted her head at @filia's direction, "It sounds like they could make some sublime tea." And to probably use for crafting material or profit. Being in a dungeon doesn't stop one from searching possible business ventures, after all.

Clip did a quick scan of her surroundings, aided by the glow of the portal and any illumination other players might give and - ah, there they are. "Anyway, as I was saying before you practically flew through me..." She walked towards @eden, almost tempted to flick their forehead. "Hi. Hope Luin's having the time of his life chilling."

PLAYED BY lyro raava
"Suicidal one? Should I keep my eye out?" Raava mumbled before he and Vaatu disappeared into the portal. Coming back on the other side, Raava was surprised by the lack of flair. It was in and out, and boom they were in a massive throne room? It was admirable how large this throne room was. The dragon and riders emerged with a gentle gust of wind from Yin's wings as she landed on the stone floor.

"Anyways, I was just totally not napping and was farming and stuff, y'know, the usual" Raava explained with utmost honesty as he turned to make sure his companion hadn't fallen off of the dragon's back. "You didn't give me a time, unless I remember your message wrong. You just said something like 'hey get over here' so here I am. I miss something big?" he questioned as he turned his gaze over the crowd.

Who were these other players, anyways? Raava eyed them all curiously before taking notice of the giant boat. "... We could've had boats?!" he cried, before pausing at the flat look from his dragon. He nervously smiled at her, reaching out to pat her neck. "Dragons are really cool, too, though" he assured her, before Yin snorted in his face. The cool gust of air from her blew his hair back and in turn, he sighed and looked back to Vaatu. He offered him a hand.

"You want down, or you gonna stick around for now?"

When in Vaatu's presence, Raava's DEF is increased by 15%
PLAYED BY atmos squall
out of the portal he came, into a large, empty chamber. squall didn't recognise it for what it was at first; it wasn't until he remembered where they were going that he put two and two together: they were in the throne room of the castle with merlin. outside, the draugr (presumably) continued to swarm.

the first thing he did was check that the link to @fray was still up. it was. somehow it had survived the jump. he'd better make use of it before they moved off to complete other objectives.

he sent her a link message.

wanna ask you something about the eternals

and considering how he was near fray and merlin, he may as well ask the wizard a question of his own. this time, squall spoke aloud.

"will the castle walls hold?"

he shifted in his exoskeleton armor, unsure.

@fray @merlin
PLAYED BY rain sable
His tiny frame lobbed through the wormhole, gathering momentum unordinary for his stature before he was spat out of the other side of the portal. Sailing through the air, the boy struggled for a quick second before contorting his thin body around and landed on his feet – barely. Wobbling a little at the landing, he glanced up, seeing a whole rash of people have already arrived. Geez. I guess the latecomers finally hauled ass after we did all the work. He thought sourly to himself.

"Roro." He confirmed, glancing at his UI to see that his party roster has been updated. "So you made it over. Bloodbriar's still on her way. I think we're getting an invite but only the party leader can accept that." He spoke plainly to the support Caster, walking up to her after noticing her healing several other players. "Save your spells. We're in for a long haul." He advised bluntly, glancing around at the other people. People that weren't them.

He was selfish like that. Even if his healer was anything but. "Besides," He added now, eyes sauntering over to the white-haired mage who stood by the end of the empty throne room. "we're owed an explanation of: 'what's next?'."

A figure cloaked in the relative darkness of the room, still unknown to them. Merlin, who has not yet uttered a word since their arrival. Was this a trap? Was this it?

A gloved hand reached up for his weapon. The spear whirred to life, extending to its full length. A metallic clank! sounded as the spearhead detached itself from the base, levitating by Sable's command.

PARTY MEMBERS: @bloodbriar @jaune @roro
PLAYED BY npc merlin
Merlin glanced up from his hushed conversation with the figure seated by the throne. The players have arrived safely, having survived the attack from the Draugrs in the forest. Excellent. His plan can continue forwards in a timely manner at this rate. The figure lifted up their head, whispering something to his ear. Merlin listened closely, nodding his head.

"Congratulations for making it this far." He would announce with a warm smile; a smile that shone through despite the dimness of the shadowed halls that were once silent. That silence that was now broken by the rowdy arrival of his helpers he had managed to recruit. "You must be wondering about what is in store for you next. Fear not."

A hand raised upwards, and his magic staff began to restore the light that was lost in the halls. Candelabrum and torches lit up, one by one, illuminating a warm glow into the throne room. There, they can see with a clearer view of Merlin's charge; the famed King Arthur.

"For the King is here."

A young woman shy of fifteen summers sat sternly on the throne; bathed in battle armour, her armoured hands rested upon an impressive sword sheathed in royal blue. A fur-lined mantle around her shoulders to ward off the chill. Her head crowned with gold – hair and coronet and all – and she stared suspiciously down at the crowd that has gathered by her feet.
PLAYED BY npc artoria
"So these are the recruits, Merlin?" Her voice echoed clearly throughout the chamber. Her court wizard merely smiled with a nod. Green eyes sidled downwards as if lost in contemplative thought. These people seemed unreliable. Did Merlin simply wander into a nearby town and rallied what willing volunteers he could? With no way of knowing who or what their pasts were, can she say that equipped with this information, she can readily lead them into battle?

She glared at Merlin. But gave up shortly afterwards. All of her knights have perished. She was the only one left. And to have been summoned into this world with no Master and no rules only served to fuel the confusion inside of her. Finding Camelot in complete ruins was like seeing a nightmare realized. She had the mercy of death after that fateful battle on that hill – but seeing the degradation of her kingdom only served as a painful reminder of her failures.

Her past had come back to haunt her.

Only her and the flippant mage of a mentor remained. The last fragments of Britain's legacy.

"Then, very well." She stood up, despite not standing very tall, still towered over the others with the pervasive force of her charisma and spirit. "I beseech you warriors, to help defend this castle against the undead." Her sword was now tucked neatly by her side. "I cannot possibly ask you to give your life to me, but if you are willing, then I will pledge my blade to protect all of you that I can."

A terrific crash sounded somewhere distant within the castle grounds. Artoria Pendragon looked up sharply.

"Merlin, I sense intruders." Her voice low, she quickly descended down from the throne and began to walk towards the chamber doors. "Quickly, to arms! I will lead the assault at the castle gates. Merlin, you take a group with you to the castle keep." Hands pushed against the set of doors open, her strength showing at how easily she moved them.

"We can't let them infiltrate the castle further."

UNTIL DAWN will now split up into two separate threads. For those who wish to join @artoria, simply remain in this thread. For those who wish to join @merlin, please proceed to the event thread CLOAK AND DAGGER.
PLAYED BY Korra emerson
Emerson didn't mind that people borrowed her ship for a ride through the portal. It was seeing them all suddenly abandon ship that amused her. Her gaze slid from @roro to @aspen though the stow-away at the back didn't catch her gaze, she couldn't help voicing a complaint as they began slipping away from the deck. "You might regret leaving the deck so soon." She commented in passing, her tone a little haughty her attitude a bit conceited, but the reason was because her protection skills only protected those on deck, while the cannons were meant to thin the herd as they tried to close the gap. Emerson was someone who took the time to plan meticulously, to devise strategy, to scheme and plot despite her savage and callous ways.

It was because of this, that from the moment Merlin and Arturia addressed the group, she advanced towards them. Her Ghost ship, the Sanguine tide slowly lowering since it had been almost all but abandoned by the others in the group, it slid down phasing through the stone of the floor, disappearing until it left only the banister she'd been leaning against and the mast stretching up from the ground. "Question though." She couldn't help comment when she heard both Arturia's words and Merlin's introduction. This place seemed rough around the edges, she wasn't certain if it had always been like this or if the battle had stretched this far already, but they seemed to be on their own for all intents and purposes. "If there is no one else, then what is our end game? Our objective I mean?"

Emerson asked, but expecting accusing or dissatisfied gazes, she couldn't just let things lay at that; Arturia had said not to let them infiltrate the castle, but Emerson was posing the question 'why?' Were they waiting for reinforcements from outside?
It looked like everyone else had died from the conditions of the empty gathering room. Was there some kind of artifact in the castle being charged or primed to wipe out all of these monsters collectively? If so then Emerson wanted to know where it was to factor it into her scheme. After Neera had rushed in and dragged her and Rumblehide into the conflict, Emerson prioritized her friends and their safety first.
"Is there an end to these things? Is there a way to finish this aside from going down in a blaze of glory?" She felt the need to clarify, even if it might be demoralizing to some, to Emerson who didn't feelings very well, this was an important thing to take note of.
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