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A.D. 2059

The latest and greatest virtual reality MMORPG has finally come out. You've been waiting months to get into beta testing. You fire up the VR pod. You log in, create your character, and then... you've realized you can't log out. FATE/Online's gamemasters offer every player a way out — find the mythical Holy Grail, and you'll be able to exit. If you don't reach the Endgame, you'll be trapped here forever. Are you ready to win to exit?




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 (event) cloak and dagger
PLAYED BY npc merlin




A two-pronged assault is being made on Camelot. @artoria has taken a group of warriors to contend with the bulk of the Draugr that have already gathered outside of the castle gates. However, Draugr have infiltrated elsewhere in the castle, and it's up to @merlin and his band of merry adventurers to deal with the threat. Follow Merlin and take out the intruders!


Merlin will heal all ally players in this thread.

PLAYED BY Ryo valjean
Valjean had stepped through the portal, though upon hearing others passing through quickly stepped to the side to allow them through. It quickly became quite a gathering there, and he did not know any of them. It was not very polite to force his way into conversations plus he had no idea what to talk about, so he kept quiet and watched what went on until finally the two NPCs spoke up. The one who was very obviously some kind of wizard gestured to a small woman on the throne, identifying her as king. She who was king then identified the Wizard as Merlin....wait.

That Merlin? Then that would mean she was King Arthur. Anybody who had even a passing interest in classical European folklore and literature would know about Merlin and King Arthur. Why is King Arthur a woman though? he found himself thinking, though it was of little consequence in the end. Fact was, she was king, he was Merlin, and there were more draugr on the way. At the sound of the crash, King Arthur gave her instructions. She would hold the line with any who wished to stand with her, and Merlin was to take the rest further into the castle to deal with the source of the crash.

His skills were not suited at this stage for being a frontline fighter in a massive battle, so he opted to follow the wizard. Pointing his finger Pointing his cane down the path, he turned a questioning gaze to the wizard.

"If I may, Sir Merlin, what exactly lies at our destination that the enemy would be interested in?" he inquired, making sure it was just polite enough. He wouldn't demand information, but it was good information to know if he was to do his part properly.

Current Displayed Class: Caster
Current Displayed Weapon: Black steel cane
PLAYED BY Novas paperclip
Team Merlin seemed to have less member than Team Arthur right now - which was ideal, really, if the King were to take on the brunt of their enemies.

Once they were away from the group, Clip slowed down to a casual stride. There might be enemies lurking by them soon - it would suck if she would end up giving away their location just because she was being loud. It wouldn't hurt to have a little light though, just so she could see who's with them and maybe take a glimpse of the castle's architecture.

From her pockets she retrieved one of her recent crafts - a floating lantern. All it took was a small tap, and it would emit a soft yellow light. The lantern would hover just above her eye level, close by her shoulder.

"Count has a good question here," Clip nodded, joining in the conversation. "The souls of the dead usually don't just rise up on their own, especially in large groups like this. There could be someone controlling them - like a lich, or a necromancer." There's always one of those in fantasy settings, anyway. Undead and demonic monsters are one common way of smacking 'DANGER DANGER' onto a situation.

"Either way, our best bet here is to try and to take out the source of the problem, whatever that is."

PLAYED BY npc merlin
Merlin began his ascent up to the castle keep, following Artoria shortly afterwards. Those who would choose to follow him should follow quickly, but as luck would have it this time, he wasn't speeding ahead like he was when he was leading the mass to the gates of Avalon.

The castle hallways were ruined with age; dust and cobwebs and other signs of lengthy amounts of time passing were evident from the way how the carpet and tapestries were barely held together by rotting stitches, or how the stone and brick crumbled from the slightest touch. A stale draft of wind made the castle feel very cold and very unwelcomed.

As he led his party up the stairways that would take them deeper within the castle, several of his helpers piped up with more questions. Ah yes, they were the inquisitive nature, weren't they? Always asking questions... well. He can't blame them.

"A necromancer, huh?" Merlin amusedly mused aloud. "A good guess. But unfortunately, something much larger than that. Something much worse." Reaching the top sets of the stairs, he'd look around as if ascertaining which way to go, before turning left into the hallway. "You see, even I, the great wizard Merlin, could not determine the cause." The hallways up here were shrouded in pitch blackness, save for the lone glow of Merlin's staff.

"They came in overwhelming numbers suddenly, two nights ago. And then in increasing frequency with increasing numbers. I've managed to determine more or less where they are spawning from, but..." He turned around and gave his helpers a wide, sheepish smile.

"We're trapped here until we clear out the army! A bit too bad about that, eheh."

@valjean @paperclip
PLAYED BY Ryo valjean
While he was glad that the Archer appeared to have a pretty decent notion of what could be going on, that notion was shot down pretty quickly. Not even Merlin could figure out the cause though? Or rather, it was a cause that was beyond Merlin's scope and power? That was a terrifying prospect, but it also appeared that wasn't the intent of their mission. Going off of what King Arthur said earlier as well, it was likely they were just dealing with a side incursion detached from the main force of draugr. It was doubtful they were doing anything so grand as solving the entire crisis themselves.

"It would seem then that we are simply to dispatch more of these cur, correct? Caster does not suit the needs of our little trio..." Valjean commented aloud, holding his cane before him before his mouth twisted into a grin. It was almost unbecoming of his appearance, like a man at the brink of madness with joy, though that was just him being himself, "Class Change, SABER!"

The cane in his hand vanished, and in its place was a pitch-black longsword, with a hilt just long enough to be used with either one hand or two without issue. The hand guard was almost like a rose, though wide enough to still be functional if not practical. The indicator of his class also changed, switching from Caster to Saber. The theatrics were mainly for the benefit of those around him, since nothing actually did change in reality. But unless they could see through the illusions, they wouldn't know that.

"Once we find the enemy, allow me to take point. I will protect you both, I swear upon my honor as a noble!" he declared, pointing his finger pointing his sword down the darkened hallway. He was ready for them, but could anybody ever be ready for him? Doubtful.

Current Displayed Class: Saber
Current Displayed Weapon: Black Longsword

@merlin @paperclip
PLAYED BY PandaKnight agilulf
The situation had got in a shape that some would consider funny if they weren't part of the victims. As the events had started to slowly settle and he had started to get his bearings, ready to join in the crusade of the King of Knights, a NPC had dragged him away while he was busy standing still and thinking, mistaking him for one of the other armors in display all over the castle.

Embarrassed, he had found himself unable to speak, fearing to scare the poor man or, worse, to start a ruckus and be exchanged for some sort of undead monster. It had happened a couple of times, one time almost even with a player, so the caution he was displaying had various different reasons.

Still, finally he had been able to follow the smaller group, the armor clanking with a fabricated sound as he approached them, wisps of blue appearing from where the eyes should be visible under the armor. Then, he spoke, the voice unnaturally deep, as if it was coming from the depths of hell, raspy and shiver worthy... which is why the polite and concerned voice kind of ruined the impression.
"I hope there is still room, are you in need of a shield?"
... not that he carried one, but he hoped they would catch on the metaphor. These events where the closest thing he would have to find the clues he need to understand the exact events of this world.

PLAYED BY rain sable
"I think that's a given."

A voice piped up behind the group. A short, silver-haired boy could be seen following them languidly; arms tucked behind his head, and a long, mechanical-looking spear strapped on his back. He had managed to catch up with Merlin just in time to hear his theorizing on what the enemy might be exactly... which... didn't yield much substantial information. But he supposed that's what they were here for.

Finish the event, get answers. And possibly unlock the mystery of this world. And this game.

Sable raised a finger to scratch his brow, staring down at the long, empty dark hallway. It sure was dark in here. So dark, that they won't be able to see the enemy until it was at least a foot in front of them.

The man that was bequeathed entirely in armour spoke up, asking if the team needed a shield. Smartass Sable here saw an opportunity to run his mouth.

"No, but we sure do need a light." He drawled out annoyingly, and promptly began to stare intensely at Merlin. "I sure do wonder if someone gifted in magecraft can turn on the lights or something?"

@paperclip @valjean @agilulf
PLAYED BY Caramel jaune
"I can deal with the shadows, don't y'all worry."

A calm voice let out as suddenly a soft yet bright golden glow illuminate the corridor. A darker skin man with a black and yellow attire was walking up ahead with confidence in his step He had to build it up the last few minutes and a golden bow which glowed in his hands. While he was next to Merlin for the last few minutes he was breathing in deeply and calming his racing thoughts and heartbeats. This wasn't a time to be overwhelmed just yet.

They just have to finish the event and get Merlin and the "King" out of here alive. Should be simple enough.

Jaune lift a pointer finger from its resting position on the bow to a ready position. While his bow gave them a wider viewed of vision, they cannot see past 5m but the monsters in the dark can for sure see them from a mile away... That's a bit hyperbolic, as he doubts the castle is that big... hopefully.

Out of nowhere a man entirely in armor appeared behind them asking if they needed a shield, which he lacked. He must be a tank. One of the stragglers, Jaune had to guess. Jaune relaxed and rest the bow over his shoulders and let out a charming smile at the armored Tank. "There's always room for more helpers! And a tank at that!" Jaune said with an enthusiastic smile, finally another tank.

Jaune than placed his bow back at the ready. Jaune than started to walk ahead of everybody until he stopped just shy of leaving the people in the back in the dark, Jaune than looked at everybody behind him with a brave smile, "I make sure none of Y'all die here." He has to do his best. For everybody! He can't lose his cool again!

@sable, @merlin,@agilulf
PLAYED BY pine roro
Rosanne had rather liked the king. He - or she - had turned out to be rather respectable, and all things considered, a divine figure, worth believing in. And that was why, when one after another, other people announced that they were going to serve and protect the king, Rosanne had simply bowed gently to them and wished them well, her gaze following @jaune and @sable as they left to follow the wizard, Merlin. She would have loved to stay, honestly. In fact, she wanted to - but having opened up her party window, she'd discovered that in fact, she had managed to become a part of ... something. Jaune, Sable, and one other were all listed together, and so she was to be with them.

That, and. She had faith in the king. Supporting him (her?) (him?) from elsewhere was quite possibly the best she could do. That, and ... she didn't dislike Merlin.

So with long strides, and a serene air, Rosanne joined the other party as they trailed after the wizard, listening carefully to each and every one as they spoke. Merlin, confessing that he didn't know the cause of the undead. Sable, was it? Saying that was obvious, and asking for a light. Two sabers she didn't know... one armored, another one with the ability to change classes...? Jaune, trying to be lighthearted and reassure the others - that he wouldn't let any of them die.

Well... it was a kind sentiment.

"Mr. Sable, was it...?" Idly, Rosanne wondered just how she ended up in a party with him, but then recanted the thought - he wasn't revolting or anything close to it. She should be glad to meet someone new and interesting. He actually had a fair point about the darkness as well. "Let me see if there's something I can do," She did glow slightly, after all - some odd side effect of being a "divine servant". But it was not nearly enough to light up the pitch darkness of the hall. She tried to reach out with her senses, but the darkness was unyielding. She couldn't figure out if there was anything beyond the group, just from that...

So instead, she cast one of her skills - RESURGE, in fact - down the hallway. A sparkling, glowing flash of healing magic that would hopefully light the hallway up - even if just for a moment before it dissipated. It would hopefully reveal if there were any enemies about... though it might just alert every single enemy to Rosanne's existence.

RESURGE used! 9/10 uses remaining.

Bloodbriar felt as if she were perpetually being left in the dust as the rest of the event group plowed their way ahead. She'd been the last through the portal from what she could tell, and the last to arrive to the little pow-wow in the castle hall. Thankfully she had managed to arrive in time for the whole spiel between Merlin and the King. That had been a bit startling in its own right. That the Arthur of legend was apparently a teenage girl...Then again, this was a game. It might have had its roots in real world legends, but apparently things like accuracy went out the door as soon as game design was included.

Still, it didn't much matter one way or the other what gender Arthur was. She was likely powerful regardless of such. She certainly had a way of speaking and inspiring others considering how many of the gathered crowd had chosen to follow her. Under different circumstances, Bloodbriar might have followed her as well, but there was a bigger issue at hand that needed addressing.

Merlin. That shifty, crafty eyed slacker of a mage. He rubbed Bloodbriar wrong in every way, from his dumb little smiles and laughter, to the way he obviously knew more than he let on. He was exactly the dodgy sort of personality she had hated having to deal with in other mages back in reality, made worse by his whole “Oh I'm so weak and harmless teehee” facade.

She didn't trust him as far as she could throw him, and she was sure with her class's strengths, she could throw him pretty far. Bonus distance if she managed to do so from atop a castle tower.

So to that end, she'd followed after Merlin, intent on keeping an eye on him. This proved prudent, as he had far less followers overall. Even more so when she realized the other members of her party had followed along after the mage as well. Bloodbriar was able to recognize @jaune, @roro, and @sable easily due to them each being in the party she had started.

Pulling up the party menu, she would dismiss the others who had been in the party. They'd gone off with the king it seemed, and it would likely be a better idea for them to party up with those over on that side. Considering Merlin's ability to communicate with anyone, she was sure if anything went wrong over on that side of the castle they would be alerted fairly quickly by Arthur herself, or someone else.

”I could take point,” she would say, dismissing her party window with a wave of her hand and looking towards the others. ”I have skills that slow enemy attacks and movement, and which cover a wide area. Plus, as a DPS I'm fairly expendable.”

It was a cold, rational statement of fact when compared to the rest of the party.

”She has the range, so if anything attacks me, she can start a bombardment,” she'd say, pointing to @paperclip. ”The rest of you can use the time provided to engage as you see fit.”

Dying wasn't anything Bloodbriar feared. If she did pass, she'd simply return back in Keterburg and make her way back here.

NOTES: Hey what up I'm late to the party. Also, Bloodbriar may or may not try to kill Merlin.

@agilulf @valjean @merlin
PLAYED BY Novas paperclip
@merlin doesn't know, either? That's concerning. Whoever's in charge planned and prepare this attack well then, they would have to be cautious in a field where this unknown could take them by surprise. "No other way but to go onward!" Clip shrugged. "That's fine. We came here to beat the crap out of them in the first place."

The Archer couldn't help but to clap at @valjean's dramatic transformation. Wow, to think she would see a LARPer in this world! Clip never met one before in previous MMOs, although she never played in an RP server before. Not to mention, a class change mechanic? That's quite an interesting skill.

"By the way, are you in a party yet? With our lack of numbers, at least we don't have to worry about HP bars overwhelming us."

But just right after she said this, more individuals started showing up. She let out a sigh of relief - as much as she was enjoying the composition of her little trio, Clip was nevertheless more relieved to see them join their merry group. What they may be undertaking might not be the grand hoard King Arthur was facing, but their own portion of the quest couldn't be a walk in the park, either.

"You guys can hoard the frontline all you want - leave the backline firepower to me." She punched her own hand, a smile matching the glint in her eyes. "I have some AoE tools, and with time I'm good with crits.

"That said, I don't think you should take point when we have this many tanks around." She turned towards @bloodbriar. "There's not a lot of us, so it'd be best to keep casualties at a minimum. Besides, I'm sure they can take a few hits before you deploy your own debuffs."

Funny to see that only they were the DPS though - usually you'd see a flock of them before spotting a single support or tank player.

@sable @jaune @agilulf @roro
PLAYED BY npc merlin
"Hm?" Merlin glanced at the deep, unending darkness of the hallway they walked in with curiosity. A cold chill had settled in, drastically sapping the warmth from the atmosphere. An unnatural unrest could be felt from this sudden cold creeping in; immediately he stopped, placing an arm out to warn the others.

"Wait." Holding his staff out protectively to prepare against whatever evil lurked ahead, Merlin narrowed his eyes as he continued to stare into the blackness; unblinking. "We're not alone."

Tendrils of misty fog came swirling down the hallway, refracting the glow from Merlin's staff and @roro's Resurge spell, giving them a ghostly illumination from the sudden paranormal effect. Brow knitting together, Merlin raised his staff quickly; magic bursting forth from his frame.

"It's coming!" The magic enveloped the entire party, invigorating them whilst adding a burst of power that came through the form of an attack boost. At that moment, elongated shadows stretched all over the hallway walls and ceiling in the matter of seconds, like long black lines opaque with such dark intensity that even with the orbs of light surrounding the players, it was a gaping black void.

These shadows surrounded the players, before grotesque pairs of mouths appeared within its boundaries. With a collective groan, the jaws opened and dropped down five lumps of flesh that slowly began to take human form.

TL;DR The group engages with five unknown Draugr! They look a bit different than the ones faced before...

DREAMLIKE CHARISMA 3 turns remaining
@paperclip, @jaune, @valjean, @agilulf, @sable, @roro and @bloodbriar will receive this temporary buff for three turns.
PLAYED BY PandaKnight agilulf
There was much to judge, and, as he was fortunately admitted in the small group, he was checking the people he had ended up with, from @sable sarcasm to the more friendly @jaune. Both he acknowledged with a nod, making to mutter some sort of greeting to the Archer before light was made.
"This should make things a little more comfortable, thank you."
He said towards @roro, turning to face the entrance of the new person, a... DPS? @bloodbriar Taking point? That was one of the worst ideas he had heard in the last days, and there was a guy that brought up the idea of letting people wear him as a protection!

But before he could state something about how suicidal and careless it was an option, a shiver came through his armor, the helmet turning to meet the sight of the shadows. They were there, thoughts flooded his mind, like an unstoppable wave that subdued everything else.
Can you see it? The danger, the menace - this is supposed to be a game, but who can know what happens when you die? What if it's the end? Standing by isn't an option anymore.
Honestly, he had planned to stay in the back and let a more experienced tank take the lead, but... well, no one seemed to be around to do that. Instead, his hand raised in the air, sending a specific system message to everyone in the room, especially the supports.


"Enough with the discussion! Everyone, take your positions, I'll need support!"
His otherworldly voice stated, the reverberating sound covering the hall as, unlike previously, he raised his tone higher. After that, there was no more hesitation, he felt the words of @merlin empowering his metal, the spirits inside him whispering in joy as they were exalted, blue flames pouring for a moment through the gaps in his armor.

But he didn't notice that particular detail, the Nonexistant Knight was already in motion, sword drawn - the blade hadn't really seen many battles, but somehow there were many instincts and moves ingrained in Agilulf's mind, racking the brain of a journalist into something that could imitate a warrior.

He slammed his shoulder against the centermost Draugr, hearing the clank of the metal as he made a small backstep, waving his sword in a circle right in front of the monsters tauntingly, a hand going to his mantle, ready to use it to reduce incoming damage. His skill requirements weren't met, so he would've to draw some aggro the old fashioned way.

Summary: Agilulf takes note of everyone, then, as the Draugr group appears sends an invite for a party to everyone and, empowered by Merlin skills, charges in the middle of the monsters to gather some aggro through physical and autoattacks.
Note: Agilulf is under the effect of Merlin's Dreamlike Charisma for 3 turns - also, THE NONEXISTANT KNIGHT makes him harder to cripple, poison or debilitate in the more standard ways, the sheet is here for more in depth info.

@paperclip, since we don't forget anyone.
PLAYED BY lori prince
All the chaos of the event had been fine and dandy, but Prince just wasn't feeling it, ya' know? It seemed oh so familiar from other games. Even the allure of it being authentic combat in virtual reality they were all trapped within didn't make his cup of tea. Instead, Prince found himself at the side lines, humming softly as he watched with a Cheshire smirk across his face.

This was all just fascinating. Everyone's lives had been turned upside down and inside out, but here they all were fighting like it was normal. Sure, there were some panicked faces splashed across the battlefield. However, most seemed to have accepted their faith. How neat!

Prince followed in the back, keeping his distance as he watched the proceedings. His icey blue eyes scanned the small crowds in the combat. Of course, his eyes wound up locking onto the cute NPC Merlin. He was a dish! Prince hummed softly as he watched. As the cutie began to lead a party towards a portal, he quietly slipped in with a soft giggle just as it was about to close.

He kept his distance, hiding his sparkles as they all spoke and theorized about the nature of the creatures they fought. Prince's eyes glimmered intelligently as he listened. Such a cute little group. When the tank rushed forward to fight the new baddies, Prince clicked his tongue before finally walking up to the group. His walk was rather... swaying. He beamed happily, like a puppy as he raised a hand to give a half joking salute to the others.

Then, not messing a step, he pulled his scarf from his waist and continued forward behind the knight, @agilulf. ”Oh my~ Trying to take five at once? Such a vigorous little boy! I hope you prepped for such big guys!” he teased before moving to try and pat the much shorter Knight on the head as he fluently danced past him. His dance was provocative, and his energy seemed to draw the attention of the Draugr currently not locked in combat with Agilulf.

”Sorry I kept quiet~ I was just oh so curious about you cutie pies!” he laughed while twisting about the Draugrs. His scarf flew about as he spun, narrowly avoiding attacks but dealing none of his own. The largest of the monsters would seem especially interested in the tall foppish blond. ”So, hottie Merlin, your king must be quite bloody, huh?” His voice was joking as he spoke- clearly not taking this serious. ”I wonder how many people they've killed to have such a nice little army against them~” Then his eyes shifted to @bloodbriar before he gave her a wink and blew a kiss towards her, all while ducking and jumping in dance like rhythm from attacks.

”Oh miss expendable, would you like to dance with me~? Your little speed debuff would be fun to play with right now. Your cute little face would look marvelous stepping in beat with me~”

OOC: Prince shows up after stalking like a loser. He's a dancing fiend. Flirts with Merlin while distracting. Flirts with Briarthorn, invites her to dance. Comments on the origin of the Draugr.Yep. Using his passive obsession and active seduction dance. 1/15..
PLAYED BY Ryo valjean
Quite a few stragglers arrived on the scene to aid in the mission. While the extra hands were helpful, it did reduce the impact of his own change. At least in his mind, that is. That was not a complaint he would voice though, as ultimately the good outweighed the bad in this case. Valjean mostly kept his silence as he let the others make their introductions, before he felt it.

Creeping darkness.

It was normally a metaphorical feeling, but this was quite tangible. Flames dancing on his hands Sword gripped in both hands, he watched as the draugr emerged from the shadows. Though he had not fought the initial group leading up to the area with the portal, he did see them. These were not quite the same, though he did not have enough knowledge to tell how beyond the obvious shadow teleportation. At least, he assumed that wasn't normal.

He didn't have time to worry about the details though. The fight was starting.

"Kuhahahahaha! Is this all they sent to stop us? Fools!" Valjean let his composure break a bit, his true chuuni beginning to show. He quickly hit YES on the party invitation, though it would not yield very much useful information for the party. His level and HP were both completely blank. Ultimately, he felt he could handle himself enough that there was no need for them to know that information. If it removed a point of focus for the supports to apply it to where it was needed, all the better.

"Very well, come at us you filthy mongrels!" and so he charged in, flames at the ready sword pointed at one of the draugr. With a single swing of his arm, flames temporarily shaping into a kind of blade, the flames blade aimed to cut into the flesh of one of the draugr. He first aimed to gauge if the majority of his allies could inflict proper damage by inflicting physical damage, but he made the attack also inflict the curse of hell Deteriorate status upon the draugr to whittle away at it while it was distracted by the tanks. This introductory fight would hopefully tell him what would be needed going forward, and he could adjust accordingly.

>Accepted Party Invitation from @agilulf
>Struck one of the Draugr to inflict physical damage
>Used MALÉDICTION DE L'ENFER to inflict Curse of Hell status for Damage Over Time, disguised as Deteriorate status

Current Displayed Class: Saber
Current Displayed Weapon: Black Longsword
Current Displayed Level: 「 」
Current Displayed HP: 「 」


@agilulf @merlin @paperclip @sable @jaune @roro @bloodbriar @prince
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