A gigantic crab having slumbered within the depths of the Infinite Azure awaken to all the noise above on the surface world. This ancient creature roughly about half the size of Keterburg inexplicably gains an insurmountable amount of power from a bizarre phenomenon; the blood moon is stirring all the nearby beasts and monsters into a frenzy, putting the entire realm at risk.


The realm boss has appeared! It is up to the players to work together and defeat the boss so you can advance to the next realm.

The realm boss King Cancer has been found sitting in the waters off the coast of Dearg. Rendez-vous with your party members there, and decide on which part of the event you wish to participate in:

  • Assault the Realm Boss. event thread here
    Those who will lead the direct attack to the boss, keeping it at bay from attacking the city.
  • Defend Dearg. event thread here
    During this time, the blood moon will make all the mobs nearby into a berserk mode, willing them to become aggressive and attack the city. Defend Dearg and its citizens from waves of monsters.